Mindless Scum

RBL, a church, their own granny, they see no difference in any of them, just their own selfishness. Walking lumps of shit, and even if they had been caught nothing would have happened to them so why bother trying.

I think this is a warning to all institutions, get a decent cctv system and lighting.
It is indeed very difficult to accept that such things are taking place in UK . Always known for their generosity and kindness why this. The indifference of the ' authorities ' is also hard to believe but it seems this is not only UK but many other ' civilised ' countries ' as well . Enough to make even the hardest weep .
The same thing has been going on down here in Hampshire with the robbery of Poppy Boxes from seven different locations in and around the Fareham, Titchfield and Gosport areas.

Absolutely disgusting and whoever has committed such crimes need their hands cutting off with a blunt hacksaw.
Just thought that this should be in a wider audience, posted by a car dealer on a motor trade forum because someone had the affront to post an image of a poppy and a post about supporting Rememberence Sunday

And stop banging on about the "people of Great Britain". It extends far wider than little Britain. What about the Jews who fought with us all? It involves people all around the world, not just the British, or has everyone missed that? Go and shake a Polish plumber's hand, for a start! Many more millions of Russians died, they were on our side remember, but, hey... think of the British, eh? And if the Russians don't count, at least include the other countries where the people fought and died during this century. Many Chinese in the trenches in 14-18... but not British, you see.
I wonder if anyone bothered to inform him that at the start of the war, the Russians were part of the Axis powers and also, by all accounts, when Berlin was finally being taken by the Allies there was fighting between the Russians and ourselves/Yanks over who was getting what.

I assume that car dealer lives in Britain and speaks English then?
The "dealer" in question guys is a ex chinese bird now british citizen,
happy to take the money of people (especially HM forces as they are percieved as ABC1 customer)
Yet spouts all this shite, so much so the entire thread has been deleted even the supportive comments.
Complete shambles and disgrace IMHO.


Bastards who don't give a damn about their own country. And we still fight for them!

On a related note (and a bit of a moan) - I am beginning to get annoyed about the quality of CCTV images - if you follow the Grimsby Telegraph link and watch the CCTV - the quality is terrible. What is the point of installing CCTV if the resulting images are so awful that prosecution is impossible? Now I know the RBL is a charity and doesn't have vast sums to spend - but it's a general rant, not a specific one.

I'll stop dripping and get back to work...
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