Milltown Caravan Site

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by KATWEEZIL, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. One for the Old and Bold

    Anyone out there got any Piccy's of Milltown circa late '60's to early '70's Especially the one's of the kids Christmas parties.


  2. Mr C J Payne

    Is this the caravan site at scotland elgin I was thare from 1962 1971 were the hut is ops farm house Mr Black
  3. Think Slim might have one as he used to live on the site, i think???? Ps was that the place that L/CK Aitken, meet his end ?
  4. Chris, As memory serves you must have lived on A-Site?

    Scouse - Was that the Carbon-Monoxide from the coal Accident? I was quite young at the time but when it happened my old man came home and ripped out the Anthricite Fire we had in the living room.
  5. Nope Murder most foul!!!!!
  6. Decided to bump the thread - mods - feel free to remuster into the gash barge

    C site Nissan Hut

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  7. B Site

    Main Entrance to B Site
  8. D Site

    Entrance to D Site
    The Facilities Hut being used to store Silage
  9. Milltown Airfield

    Last time I was here you could'nt get in as it was a Transmitter farm. But now?

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  10. A site - Officer Country!

    Or it was -

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  11. Sorry for boring y'all but I've just had really good holiday up there and feeling a bit down at having to come back

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