Mills' Dancing appearance infuriates the disabled

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. Now this really does pose the question of who is entitled to a blue badge.
    I do not have a blue badge (fortunately I do not need one) However I also cannot run a marothon. Having seen amputees running (not in a wheelchair) marathons should these same people be entitled to the blue badge?
    I am not been a heartless [email protected] just that the requirment for a blue badge is not the loss of a limb but the inability to walk a certain distance.

    Do not forget it is a disabled group who started the questioning.
  2. Interesting point.

    What is the definition of disabled? She can obviously manage and her use of a blue badge may be questioned.

    What are the entitlements? In other words, who decides to give out blue badges, and how is it decided?
  3. If she wins the Pogo Dancing its a fix.
  4. I think they should be allowed the badge. My god what kind of society are we where people who are missing arms/legs/heads/common sense don't get a bit of slack from the rest of us. I am lucky and unlucky in this respect. I have 2 legs but of course I have to by a full pair of shoes. Heather Mills has only one leg, but makes a saving by only having to buy one shoe.

    I think we should reach a compromise. Heather should keep her blue badge but as a treat for us all should do some dance move that enables her to flick her leg up in the air and send it flying into the audience.

    In fact, oh yes its going to work, they should put these type of people on their own reality telly show (i dunno lets call it something like Spazz Island), and they could all work together to solve tasks. We could get that black lad from the double deckers to present it. Not only would it be top telly, it would show how these part deacons could in fact contribute to society...

    So in short, yes give them a sticker.
  5. I did see a young athelete on the telly the other day, a swimmer. She had dwarfism and so went into the paralympics instead, though i couldn't see why as she had no disability to speak of. Unfortunately the Paralympics must just be seen as a place to stick all those that don't look like other athletes. Although she chose that path. I know dwarfism can cause other physical troubles, but this young girl was in no way disadvantaged on her non-'disabled' counterparts.

    Er, anyway. I'd define a disability as just that- something which makes you unable to whatever it is you need to. Like shopping. If you're a disabled athlete, you are obviously going to be more than able to get 'round Sainsbury's. Probably more so than most. So i'd only give them to people who would actually benefit from them. Maybe this could even improve society's opinions of ability and disability. Being different from most others doesn't have to mean you're disabled.
  6. Last year my mother got a blue badge. She's 84 and has walking difficulties so cannot get about without a wheelchair and someone to push her. She would willingly give up the badge and be able to walk again. The blue badge is not given to someone just because they have lost a limb. It is given because they do not have mobility.
  7. The definition of disabled and entitlement to various benefits including travel passess and the Blue Badge seems to vary by postcode. Where I live disabled means someone incapable of working... ever. I tried to get my council to collect my rubbish without requiring me to physically move the dustbins into the street which is a physical problem for me. My local council told me to wait in a tell the dustbinmen. I pointed out that I work, and they told me 'Disabled people don't work.' This was Bromley Council, well known for their progressive attitudes! My mother has only recently managed to get a Blue Badge, despite needing one for years. In many parts of the country she would have been eligible twenty years ago, but not Bromley... and she had to appeal to get it! She's had both hips replaced and has severe arthritis. Paradoxically people much more mobile than me are eligible for one simply because they appear to know the right people! Sound familiar? :evil: To be fair to my council, I was only born with the abnormality that tends to lead to physical disability in one's mid 40s+. Had I injured myself skiing or fallen off my horse I might have expected to receive help rather sooner! :mad:
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Apparently dislexeya [pun intended] is a disablilty. Well it must be, 'cos I've seen loads of fat blokes in white vans and women doing the school run in 4x4s parked in disabled parking spaces at Tesco... :roll:
  9. Nice one Sgt
    Tesco in Plymouth used to clamp vehicles parked illegally in disabled spaces. that was in 1991 though so I bet its all changed now.
  10. I was "issued" with a blue badge after my TME for bowel cancer. I explained that I do not own a car, have never driven, and was continuing to cycle to hospital for my 24 chemotherapy sessions, but that didn't seem to matter. After 3 years I received a letter from the council inviting me to renew it. Obviously, I declined. The Radar key for disabled toilets comes in handy sometimes though, if I'm caught short!

  11. Only if your a student or of school age...which is why I get extra money :lol: ...but no blue badge or free bus pass ( and no free computer till I get to Uni!)
  12. I had a blue badge for my wife who was suffering from dementia and had to be taken everywhere in a wheelchair. When I applied for the badge I was asked how far she could walk unaided. After she died I threw the badge away. I even gave the car away. I now go everywhere by motorbike or pushbike.
  13. Disabled is sucha broad term. When I was assessed on leaving the mob, the war pensions lot said I was 30% disabled?????
    My arse! It hasn't stopped me do anything but running, and I can still run faster angry than you can scared.... lol
  14. I bought my Radar key - it was less hassle! Despite the fact that I have been wearing incontinence pads for longer than I care to remember, in Bromley getting a Radar key does not automatically proceed from being diagnosed incontinent and awarded free pads! :sad: It's easier to get orange juice out of a pilchard! Also unfortunately the disabled toilets at Charing Cross station seem to be deliberately locked to keep customers out on occassions! :mad:
  15. With that photosynthetic skin disorder you have Lingy I should have thought you'd qualify for an RHS grant towards preserving rare botanical species! :twisted:
  16. From these comments it's quite clear that the badges (and such) are not being awarded to the right people.

    Can anyone tell me what the process is to be awarded these sort of things?
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Everything you need to know:

    Blue Badge Scheme
  18. Blue badges are currently exchanging hands for around £1500 to £2000 each in London.Thefts of badges has increased.Islington Council estimates that as many as 400 extra blue badges appear on the streets when Arsenal are at home.A third of Britain's two million disabled car badges are being used fraudulently - by able-bodied people wanting preferential car parking spaces,according to new statistics from disability organisations, up to 700,000 motorists are wrongly using the badges.
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Such a small number? I'd have thought over 60,000 fans would qualify... :twisted:
  20. Able bodied people get preference, especially mothers who have chosen to have kids and believe it is their God given right to park in disabled ONLY parking bays!!! :evil: :mad: When you challenge the able-bodied you get replies like 'It's only for a minute!', 'I didn't know it's illegal', etc. Personally I think they should automatically have their legs chopped off above the knee and then see how they feel about the able-bodied nicking parking places!

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