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Damn and I am away to Blackpool for the week!!!

International playboys and girls have flocked to Cannes for the first ever Millionaire Fair.

The exhibition is a marathon shopping trip for the fabulously wealthy with luxury motors, fur coats and big diamonds topping the wish-lists.

The highlight of the show is the most expensive mobile phone ever produced by the Swiss company GolVish. Encrusted with scores of diamonds, it costs a cool £1.2 million.

Millionaire Fair is billed as the the only event in the world that welcomes those who enjoy luxury in an atmosphere of wealth, glitter and glamour. With every available part of the exhibition centre transformed into a luxury shopping paradise.
For sale - one job lot Sea Harrier FA2s. One careful owner, still able to defeat entire RAF orbat. Would suit millionaire with megalomaniac ambitions....

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