Milking the taxpayer and it's illegal in my country

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Oct 17, 2009.

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  1. If the system is milkable it will be milked.Ask the MPs.
    I would be interested to know if the same lax approach to immigrant bigamy accross the EU or are we as usual a very soft touch.
  2. I see nothing wrong with someone whose religion allows him more than one wife having extra wives.
    However I do believe that the Koran teaches that you must support your wife/wives.
    Relying on social security means that you are not capable of supporting your wives so should not be married to them.
  3. Perhaps Baroness Lady Uddin could field that question? :wink:
  4. I suppose all one needs is a religion sanctioning anything to do anything then. Seriously, people are far too willing to abandon critique of anyone once the epithet "religion" is involved. As an Atheist, I think everyone should be treated equally on all grounds - not pussyfooted round because of *insert religion*. Religion is a private affair, and should stay so - this particular issue effects everyone, tax money and the inappropriate use and abuse of it.

    What, like extra pokemon cards? Spare Sex toys? Auxiliary Bread Bins?
  5. I believe when you choose to live in a country other than that to which you were born and raised you should be subject to the same rules and laws as the indigenous population.In the case of being married to more than one person at a time(bigamy) you should be treated the same whatever your god or religious belief.Anything other than this is both unfair and discriminant.

    There are several Muslim countries which forbid bigamous relationships and other countries are discussing forbiding it. The concept quotes that it is against the fundemental beliefs of the Muslim religion to have more than one "wife"
    I believe that any person who comes to take up residency in a chosen country and is therefore afforded the same priviledges as the indiginous population should be subject to the same laws. Bigamy in this country is against the law.
    Why does the government support lawbreakers?

    And more importantly can I divorce the mother in law even though I only married the daughter :evil: :evil:
  7. Why would you want more than one wife, they are a pain in the arse. It's cheaper to use escorts in the long run. Think of all the money they can fleece you for in a divorse.
  8. My bold

    Because they vote Labour
  9. They support lawbreakers because they are a bunch of weak, namby-pamby, milksops and you can bet your last penny that the next lot will be no better.

    This is a black and white issue, they are breaking our laws and should be dealt with accordingly.
  10. :colors:
  11. And what makes it even more ludicrous is ... have any of you ever tried to work in THEIR countries?

    Some of the hoops you have to jump through (and the money that has to exchange hands - legitimately, not back hander stuff) to get a work permit for places like UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan (I know not all of these are Muslim but I just wanted to pick a broad selection of places I have experience of) is no-one's business ... and that is for someone who is actually going to bring money IN not suck money OUT!

    Australia has definitely got the right idea ... and I say that even though my son is being given a lengthy runaround by them in his efforts to emigrate there.

    Sorry a bit of "topic creep" there but it just makes my blood boil!
  12. You are right there my friend! Lovely, lovely lucky, lucky Australia is not in the EU! Every poor, fcuked up country anywhere close to "Europe" wants to join the club, whereupon their criminals will have the right to live and "work" (rob) anywhere in Europe and bring in more kidnapped women infected with HIV/Syphilis/Chlamydia and God knows what else to pox up our fine British manhood while their corrupt politicians and ex Communists get their hands on wads of EU dosh to "build up their infrastructure", or, to put it another way, line their own filthy pockets. Don't get me started! Oh! I did! Never mind, a glass or two of wine before lunch helps to excrete the venom!

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