Milk Allergy

I am currently applying for the RN and am wondering if someone could help with an allergy issue. I have an allergy to Milk (not intolerant) and am curious if this will affect my chances of recruitment.

If I consume milk/yogurt/soft cheese my skin will break out in a rash or eczema (depending on volume or how regular it is consumed). If I take loratadine the symptoms disappear and it is only a problem when milk is consumed daily or in high doses.

I am applying for Marine Engineering Officer and understand this may prove as more of a problem but I am wondering how to deal with the issue.


Big problem to bs honest. You're essentially on longterm medication and need to avoid a foodstuff which would make catering for you at sea a nightmare.

Speak to AFCO sharpish but things may not go well, I'm afraid.

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