Military women


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Not by me you won't ! It takes a load of guts for a female to be in Iraq knowing what those barstewards would do to you if they ever captured you :evil: :evil:


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I also share yuor respect mate, my wife has been to Afghanistan twice, rocket attacks and mortar shells to boot, she knows more about the real situation in Helmund and Khandahar than I do. I haven't been........................yet!


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not from this side either BH.......and some of those ladies on there i wouldn't tangle with.......and some I would like to :) (esp the italian ones whorrrrrr!)


They all have my respect , so no incoming from me , I know a few who have been to both Iraq & Afghanistan , always glad to see them come back safely ,


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no abuse from me either but I must be getting old as they all look bloody young to me and am glad im not in now as i think i would be a bit over protective over there and yes i am a male chauvanist but hey with a catholic education what do you expect so i ready for any flak but before you start i am fully aware that they can do their jobs as well as most guys and better than some
Thanks for posting this BH - brilliant photos shame about the dodgy soundtrack though. The military women of my aquaintance were far from being 'lost inside'. Good track though - just not for this set of photos.
No argument from me about the quality of women in the service. The dangers are all to real, and don't discriminate on the basis of gender.

One of our most recent losses was a female Marine CH-46 pilot:

Capt Harris


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A shooting war is no place for or woman,friend or enemy,I just hope they all get backand arn't too damaged by the experience.
andym said:
You know what they say about women?

"Hell hath no fury..............."
Firstly great admiration for the Ladies out there.

Secondly!! Hell hath no fury did you read about the "LADY" who popped her boyfriends cat in the washing machine. She got a suspended sentence should have been from a bridge.
My experience of military women is they seem to be pretty accurate with a rifle particularly at short range (the kind of stuff matelots need to be good at).

The fact is they are not as physically strong so that must cause some resentment when it comes to the more physically demanding jobs like store ship etc.

The bottom time is that as we have had problems in the past recruiting enough suitable male personnel, if we did not have women aboard we would be running with very large shortfalls of numbers (and therefore even more mothballed ships).

Everyone serving in theatre is deserving of this country's respect.


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society consists of all types, sexes and races so why shouldn't those who fight for that society be the same!

Good to see girls stick to it! But come home safe, yeah! (every body boys, girls, even the numpties, they're all somebodies child and no body should have to bury their child!)

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