Military Wives: From WW1 to Afghanistan

Hi, I hope someone on this forum can help me, please. My name is Penny Legg and I am a Southampton-based author coming to the end of my work on a new book, Military Wives: From WW1 to Afghanistan.

The book, which will raise funds for SSAFA, looks at the different experiences of the women married to military men from WW1 to the present time. I am desperately short of information for the early part of the book and I am hoping that someone on this forum will be able to fill in some blanks, please.

Do you have any letters, diaries, journals and/or photographs that help to show what life was like for married women waiting at home for their military men during WW1, in the 1920s/30s and during WW2? Of course, all assistance will be fully credited in the book, which will be published by The History Press in 2014.

For information, this will be my eleventh book and is a sequel to Under the Queen’s Colours, which looks at the experiences of those who have serviced in the military during the sixty years of the Queen’s reign. I do hope that someone reading this can help and thank you for reading this message.

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