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Military to civilian networking events

leaver's link


I like to introduce our organisation, Leaver's Link, which a is an entirely voluntary affair that runs monthly in Colchester, Norwich and Peterborough.
  • Colchester, (3rd Thursday monthly, at the Garrison Officer's Club [it is no longer an officer's club, but they've kept the name])
  • Norwich, (4th Thursday monthly at the Royal British Legion, Aylsham Rd, Norwich, Norfolk NR3 2HF), and just about to commence
  • Peterborough on the 1st Wednesday of each month - again at the Royal British legion, but this time in Yaxley - 210 Broadway, Yaxley, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE7 3NR
All of the events start at 18:30 and last about two hours.

They are intended for those about to leave, have already left, or are long-term Veterans, (Reservists and families are also welcome).

This about helping military folk, from all three services and regardless of rank, to expand their personal network and so 'short-cut' the route to your next role. Networking (i.e. who, not just what you know), accounts for approximately 65% of all roles filled. In other words, the act of completing countless application forms as a means to an end is often the least likely road to success. Of course there are times when completing such application forms is completely necessary, but if, like me, you have completed no end of forms and not even, in most instances, had a reply - it gets pretty demoralizing.

By attending networking events, you meet people who either themselves have roles to fill and or know someone to who they can introduce you and thereby shorten the whole application process. It is the power of being introduced as a warm name that does the power of good.

So, if you are in the Peterborough, South Lincolnshire of Cambridge area, or plan to resettle there, make next Wednesday a date. We'd love to see you. Plus, if you want to help run one of the meetings, you'd also be equally welcome - our Norwich and Peterborough events are after additional hosts and 'media-spokespeople'

Ours are not the only networking events and by no means not the only military events out there. So you should definitely attend as many as you can.

One word of caution, you shouldn't have to pay, for now at least, to attend any such event - so don't. There are plenty of free events nationwide geared towards the military.

As I've said, this is an entirely voluntary effort - by way of trying to give something back - plenty of civilian businesses regularly attend, so please come along and help networking work for you.

Feel free to pm me for any further information, or if you'd like to run an event in your part of the country.

Twitter - @ leaverslink
Facebook - Leaver's Link


Peterborough on the 1st Wednesday of each month - again at the Royal British legion, but this time in Yaxley - 210 Broadway, Yaxley, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE7 3NR

I used to live at 69 The Broadway Yaxley, small world [emoji1]

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Joint_Force_Harrier - it is indeed a small world - unless the transport has broken down (again), in which case the world can be awfully big at times...

Anyway, if even relatively close, will you be popping in?

Any help in 'broadcasting' this to as wide an audience as possible, always welcome. After all, it is service leavers who these events are aimed at helping.

Many thanks

Just a quick reminder - this Thursday the event in Norwich has changed venues - unfortunately the Royal British Legion closed down.

News address is:
Reserve Training Centre
325 Alysham Road

Just turn up on the nights (this Thursday 23rd Oct), from 18:30 onwards, to meet a few friendly employers etc and perhaps catch up with some ex-colleagues.

“It's not what you know but who you know that makes the difference.”

And in November it is the 27th November

Why:65% - 85%of jobs are found by networking (Harvard Business School). If you are leaving the Forces, you cannot afford not to network!

Who: Service Leavers, are you leaving the Forces soon, just thinking about it, concerned about the redundancies programme, or been out a while? Then these events are for you. It doesn’t matter how long you have to go before you leave or how long it has been since you left. Start growing your network now; it is critical, especially in the jobs and economic climate.

Who: Employers, do you want to make contact with top quality, flexible and highly motivated employees who will add exceptional value to your business? Find them before a competitor does, come to the event.

When: 1815 for 1830 start, finish at 2030.

Refreshments: Drinks are available at the bar.

Registration: You don’t have to, but it makes things easier – please e-mail [email protected] to register.

Event Organisers: John Vickers 07974 245161 or Iain Finch 07913 248028

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