Military Status

Are you:

  • Ex RN Reserve, now civ

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  • Ex RM Reserve, now civ

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  • Ex RN Regular

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  • Ex RM Regular

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  • Serving RN

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  • Serving RM

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  • Ex RFA

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  • Serving RFA

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  • Other Military

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This is a very difficult one to write as there's no way to include all possible combinations. If you fit into more than one, please do best effort (Where is your true loyalty?)
thingy said:
What, I'm the only 100% thoroughbred CIVVY on board?

no, me too. Dodgy hearing resigned me to a life of civvydom dispite randomly hitting the button during the hearing test in the hope of getting lucky. Unless of course you count my couple of years as an army cadet.
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