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Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by Monaro, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. Hello! I'm from the ARRSE website and we're currently forming an online gaming community.

    It's a place for all service personnel to get together and blat it out on Battlefield 2, Counter Strike, Day of Defeat and any other Mil Online games you can think of.

    We're a jolly lot and just getting started so if you want in, come along and see us :D We've got 66 places in the Company to fill!

    Click Here

    --- Monny
  2. Greetings Sailor boys :D

    I’m Goku from ARRSE.

    Being a bit of a geek myself, I’m also getting involved in this online gaming malarkey.

    I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who would like to help us in our quest to make the spotty teenagers and walts of the online world cry.

    So far we’ve got a whooping membership of 10, considering that the site has only been up for 2 days that’s not bad.
    We’re still in the planning stages but the general idea is to get a few games going and have a bit of fun.
    We’ll be starting off by picking a server to invade and then choosing a date and time for us all to pile in and make a nuisance of ourselves.

    So come one, come all, and blat a few virtual rounds off.
  3. Anyone for a game of battleships? :p
  4. do they do on line Rock paper scissors??

    I am a dab hand - pardon the pun
  5. WHAT!!!! No uckers!!

    Come on peeps, this is a big thing here on arrse! Never know, could rack up an RN Vs Army type of thing :wink:
  6. Voting for our online gaming community tag has begun

    Cast your votes here.
  7. Might be intersested in a game of Civilisation...
  8. Is it free?or do i have to pay for the privelige?
  9. People may think your a Jock Andy!

    Yes it is free!
  10. All we’re interested in doing is arranging a few games between likeminded individuals.

    One of the chaps who signed up has offered to let us use his server for BF2 (thank you welshbloke) it’s not working yet, but I’m sure something can be arranged.

    I’d like to arrange a few server raids on BF2 to show those civvys how the big boys play :twisted:

    There was talk of renting a BF2 server from EA, we haven’t really looked into that as it would cost money. We’ll talk about that at a later date if there’s any interest in it.

    Bottom line is to have a bit of fun.
    Like Rum Ration we’re not interested in charging for membership.

    Currently we’re on day 3, we have 22 members (most of whom play BF2), and we’re voting on our clan name.
    The vote ends at 2259 on Tuesday and I’m keen to arrange our first server raid for Wednesday.

    For those of you who don’t quite understand what I mean by server raid.
    The plan is to pick a date and time when enough of us will be around for a game, one of us will log onto BF2 and find a server with a reasonable ping and enough empty spaces for us all to pile in 10min before the game is due, that man then reports back to the site and posts which server he’s picked out, the rest of us then log in and kill everything that moves.

    Sound like fun?
  11. Ok so do you have to download software?I only ask as i only have a laptop and if it needs a fairly stonking bit of kit to play then i couldnt take part.
  12. I would'nt have a clue where to start :roll: :roll:
  13. Nope, it's like a Java version, no download needed, well last time I played!
  14. ok,might as well give it a go
  15. I just wanted to let you know that we now have our own BF2 server.

    A very big thanks go to welshblokemiles

    See here for details
  16. Yes you need the right software to play.

    BF2 (which seems to be the game most of us have) requires that each player has a copy of the game installed on their PC.

    The game costs approximately £30 to buy depending on where you purchase it from, from there it’s all free.
    It costs nothing to play online against other players.

    Our web site is just like Rum Ration or any other web site, you don’t need to download anything to logon and there are no membership fees.
    We want it to be used as a place where we can all arrange to meet up online and play whatever online game tickles our fancy.

    The site will evolve in whatever direction the membership want.

    For those who don’t know what BF2 is, this is what I’m talking about
  17. Morning chaps

    I thought I’d pop in to let you know what’s been going on in our geeky little world.

    So far we have 40 users registered on our clan site, 24 of whom have said they want to be clan members. A good result for our fledgling group.
    Most of our membership appear to come from ARRSE, I know most of you don’t know what to do with a rifle but it would be good to have a few more of you join in (you can never have enough cannon fodder :D ).

    As I’ve said in previous posts, our BF2 server is up and running now.
    It’s not public so to logon you’ll need our IP address, port number, and password – details can be found on the clan site, if you have any problems then send me a PM and I’ll try to help.
    There are positive and negative points to having a private server…
    On the positive:
    We should be relatively walt free.
    Yes we’ve made our logon details public but we’ve only advertised them on ARRSE, E-Goat, and Rum Ration so any walts finding their way onto our server would have to be pretty dedicated to search us out.
    All our members are over 18, most of them in their 30s and 40s, so you wont be playing with kids (I expect we’ll get the odd cadet, but how many of us honestly wouldn’t want to batter a few of them :twisted: ).
    On the negative:
    As we’re a private server the walts cant surf in so our games so far have been fairly small in number even though we have room for 32.
    Also as a private server we cant use unlocked kits or rack up points, apparently you have to pay EA for that privilege but I’m hoping someone can correct me on that.

    We have a lot of guys who are new to the game, they’ve been using the server to learn how to play.
    We’ve been given the contact details of other military clans so I’m hoping we’ll be ready to play against them soon.
    I’m also still hoping to get a few server raids going, we tried last night but a few stragglers got lost due to not yet knowing how to navigate around the public server list – it’ll happen with practise.

    We still haven’t got a clan tag yet.
    We did vote on [>>] only to find that BF2 doesn’t allow that as a prefix symbol.
    We’ll be running another vote soon.

    That’s about it for now.
    I hope we’ll see more of you playing on our server now, there’s room for 32 so don’t be shy.
  18. I've registered, only have counterstrike but might get BF2 :p
  19. [quote="Goku

    Yes you need the right software to play.

    BF2 (which seems to be the game most of us have) requires that each player has a copy of the game installed on their PC.


    Bugger!My lappy is not good enough to handle the graphics!!!!

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