Military Honours 7 Mar 08

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by OSLO, Mar 7, 2008.

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  1. There is also a woman

    Flight Lieutenant Michelle Goodman, of the Royal Air Force, is the first woman to win a Distinguished Flying Cross. Goodman was Aircraft Captain of an Incident Reaction Team (IRT) Merlin Helicopter. Told of a serious casualty in central Basra City on 1st June 2007, she chose to fly into an extremely dangerous area. Flying on night goggles and under very heavy fire she landed next to the casualty and extracted him, despite mortar rounds landing nearby. Without the IRT, the casualty would have died within 15 minutes. Despite extreme pressure, whilst in the face of the enemy, she made the right decision.

    Who says women cant hack it in the front line now.
  2. Not too many RN/RM on the list, but I guess that's because of the timespan of these awards (3 Cdo did very well from the last set of op honours I think).

    Nice to say Fruity Paskins getting a gong. One of the most entertaining people I've ever met...
  3. Actually, I thought there were quite a few RM on the list. No major RN presence in the "pointy end" of the spear out there, so no surprises there.

    Good to see Breckers getting a gong. Excellent officer.
  4. A major RN award was that of Petty Officer Rich Holleworth who was awarded the Queens Gallantry Medal for his actions and efforts during a recent incident. A credit to the Submarine Service, his behaviour under extreme conditions is what we should all aspire to achieve. BZ well deserved.

  5. It's good to see an RMR ossifer amoungst the honours. There have been "Rubbers" attached to fighting units in the Falklands, N.I, GW1, GW2 ghanners and a few other hot places so it's nice to see that someone is getting some recognition at last.


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