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Military History Channel - 23rd October 2012 - "Officers And Gentlemen"




VMT - a good set of links which seem an ideal "required viewing" thread for aspiring Officer Candidates of all hues.

Currently in Bases/Shore Establishments (where it may soon gather dust) so I'd humbly suggest shifting it to Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting (and possibly even making it a Sticky there as soon as someone who knows about these things places it on YouTube?)



Why is there a picture of a recruit from the RMR in the middle? I mean really.


He is RM commissioning in RN.

Fair enough, my mistake. It's just the caption below the picture says 'A Royal Marines Reservist, complete with rifle and webbing, hauls himself across a river. All the volunteers within the RMR have passed through the same rigorous course'.

It's been 13 years since I went through BRNC and whilst I have some opinions on how things might have changed, I'd be interested to hear from guys who've been through recently as to how accurate this is in documenting the training as it is now.


Lantern Swinger

Can't believe they're counting William's "visit" as him being trained there.

He is RM commissioning in RN.

Are you making an assumption or do you actually know the person in that photo and he is commissioning into the RN?

Fair enough, my mistake. It's just the caption below the picture says 'A Royal Marines Reservist, complete with rifle and webbing, hauls himself across a river. All the volunteers within the RMR have passed through the same rigorous course'.

I'm with you Circus, I thought WTF is that random photo and caption doing in the middle of an article about BRNC. It has no relevance to anything else in the article.

Oh, and did you notice that the embroidered text has been photoshopped out of his mudguards?


Yes I noticed that too, I also thought WTF! Don't know if you are on/view ARRSE but there is a small thread (like one reply) on the programme and someone mentioned there was a RM OR featured in the first episode. So maybe they saw that, got their wires crossed and didn't do much research otherwise surely they would have found out that he was transferring from the RM to RN.


War Hero
There was indeed an ex-RM OR in that entry going through as a UY. Whether that's him or not in the photo in the mail is difficult to tell from that angle. It's not that unusual either, I know of a few that have gone through including one ex-Sgt who went through as an SUY with me.

I haven't seen it yet (got it on sky+ for the weekend) but the entry that was fimed for the documentary was the last to go through that particular incarnation of IFT. The entry after started the new INT(O) training based on 3 ten week phases, although a majority of the training will be the same now as it was then, just in a different order.


Lantern Swinger
There was an ex-RM on the course, but there were also several ex-RMR medics on the intake, not that it looks to be any of the ones I know in the phot.


War Hero
Damn sight lot harder than regular ratings training, Much respect to the officers. I have a proper degree but I would never go through BRNC.


Lantern Swinger
Anyone know where I can get this online? It came on while I was at Uni so my parents recorded some of it but I'm missing the first episode. Anyone have any suggestions?


War Hero
All of the episodes in the Officers and Gentlemen series are scheduled for transmission on the afternoon of Saturday, 23rd March 2013, starting at 2 pm.
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