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Military coup in Thailand

Based on this mornings news the coup seems to be following the traditional form, Army do a deal with the King, kick current government out and them rule for a period and have new elections.

Echoing AAC hope Lingy and family are all OK.

Nice to see that not a shot was fired at least. Be interesting to see if they live up to the promise of this being a temporary move.

Just before BAe made me redundant I worked in Thailand installing sea archer 1A an their ships. This was 1992. Or for those that can remember the last Thai milatary coup. BAe immediately told myself and the other engineer to, leave thailand ASAP. We advised them that it would not be cost effective as we expected the coup to be over in a few days (nothing to do with the fact that we were in Bangkok living in a four star hotel within staggering distance of both Nana Plaza and Soi cowboy). We were over ruled and managed to fly back to UK next day. By the time we had landed the coup was finished. (never did return to Bangkok with BAe)

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