Military CCTV Australian Style

Alchohol abuse and a "sexual predatory culture" My God thats terrible.Glad our Navy was/is never like that.


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I thought everyone 16 plus knew that hidden cams to tape and broadcast sexual activity were obligatory nowadays.
Anybody got a copy?

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:happy8:Talking to the ex Defence Force guys I work with this sort of thing is rife and a lot of the girls, well in the Wafu side of things, were getting 'regualrly smashed' (their words not mine) by their male counterparts. Apparently the Woo trainning is all done together so 'Cross Service Liassons' were the norm rather than the exception so I suppose introducing technology into it was the natural progression.
There has been a rash of these kiss and tell things going on over here of late, usually AFL players and coaches with teenage girls who end up on chat shows and news programmes grabbing their 15 minutes of fame and wrecking the lives of the no brain footballers they go with.
So why not get the Military involved too....and as for the drinking??? Wow as if, Australians doing that...its not like you get given a bottle of the carton you just bought at the drive through bottleo to drink in the car on the way home....even the cup holders are made to take the 330ml bottles.:happy8:


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She said it was "A breach of trust", more like a thrust in the breech I would have thought, several dozen or so until explosion time in fact.

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