Military Bases near Norwich

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by frogman007, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, does anyone reside in the Norwich area? Going on a civvy course in Feb and need some accom. If there is nothing-happy days I will get digs. Any thoughts???
  2. Marham?

    Ten letters.
  3. Shit hole, used to avaoid it like the plague on the Pompey Bomb team...although I think thats further round near KIngs Lynn way.
  4. Cheers Monty ( I assume you have been there?). Over 40 miles so will get digs. I am sure there is some sarcasm, but WTF does Ten letters mean?
  5. Sarcasm? Sarcasm? Me?

    Ten letters - You need ten letters minimum in a post.

    Marham is ok, it's about 30 miles from Norwich.

    Edited to add: There's also Swanton Morley, about 15 miles out of Norwich.
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  6. How about a long space then a full stop?

    Bollox to a crab camp full of civvies in uniform. Just route planned it 38 miles each way. Can't be chewed with 80 miles a day for the week. If pusser pays, great, if not I will. Was just looking into a NonAv chit.
  7. Spaces don't count. Anyway, try Swanton Morley.
  8. Just googled it looks tiddly. Might be a good shout
  9. They are pongoes with little tanks at Swanton Morely.There is an RAF Radar thingy on the coast but its just a big bollock and a shed behind barbed wire.

  10. Coltishall has been closed for 6 years
  11. Swanton Morley, Robertson Barracks is home to the Light Dragoons at present. Coltishall is now HMP Bure (A Nonces nick) The Military accomodation around Thetford is temporary, used as required for the Battle Training area on the Heath.
    Neatishead closed several years a go.
    Crab Marham is open. But like you, would avoid it like the plague.
    Way back when? Have you thought of trying T.A. units in Norwich? I stayed in them in the past. Rudimentary, but will save your L.A. I take it that is your main requirement?
  12. To be honest I want pusser to pay for a hotel, so need a Non Availability chit. However if there are military camps they will make me stay there. However I won't as I would prefer a hotel.
  13. Frogman

    It's not exactly what you are looking for, but I thought I would mention that there are Royal Navy Careers Advisors in Norwich - their AFCO is in Unthank Road, close to the City centre. They might be worth a phone call.

    Number: 01603 620033.

    E-mail: [email protected]

    If you do need to get digs, they might be able to point you to somewhere decent.
  14. Happy days Sol, will give it a try. Might also see where the company recommends. Somewhere close.

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