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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by buggerit84, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. I'm currently applying for entry as a pilot in the RN, but am being dicked around by uni so it's looking like I won't be able to get a degree. However, my ACLO has mentioned about NCE and then doing the above degree. I appreciate that it would have to be done in your spare time alongside your operational commitments, so I was wondering if there was anyone that's done/is doing it and how hard it is to fit in whilst doing your day-to-day duties?
  2. I've just googled this and the top item was this thread!

    As such is the case, you're gonna need someone who's studied this first hand for a proper informed opinion. Good luck.
  3. Which Uni are offering this Degree?

    Manchester UMIST, Liverpool (John Moores) and Bristol do not offer this, nor does Plymouth, or the OU.

    Is it a stand alone degree, or as part of an Engineering Degree?

    Sorry can't seem to find it
  4. The Military Aviation Studies degree/ Foundation Degree is offered to serving personnel under a specific age (or on joining) it takes into account all military flying training and only requires extra work for the degree part. This doesn't involve all that much extra work just a dissertation I believe.

    It is only offered by the Fleet Air Arm at the moment. The qualification is gained on award of wings
  5. Thanks matelo99, was starting worry that no-one else seemed to have heard of it! Thanks for looking though guys, hopefully I'll find someone who has done it yet, and see what I can get from my ACLO.

    From what you said though m99, doesn't look like it should be too bad though, definitely looks like a good option!
  6. I heard of it, BI. My AFCO gave me a leaflet and banged on about it for ages.

    He said that it's the military aviation academy, and that like people have said, you get your wings at the same time as your qualifcation. It's run by the OU and the two campuses are at Culdrose and Yeovilton.

    This is the section about degrees:
    What degrees are on offer?
    In addition to the degree without subject restrictions, either a BA or BSc with or without honours, the OU also has a series of degrees in named subjects.These include IT and Computing, European studies, International studies, Business studies, Economics and Mathematical sciences, Natural sciences and social sciences.

    Edit: he also gave me a sexy leaflet about it.
  7. Ah cheers, that's good know! I think I'll pop in and grab one, when I get a day off that is...
  8. Buggerit84
    Check your inbox.
  9. Thanks DE, but, um, shouldn't there be something in it?!

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