Mike Hunt why banned???

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by frogman007, Oct 30, 2011.

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  1. What did I miss????
  2. Mmmm think I might wait for the truth! So anyone shed some light?
  3. Frogs, would you accept 'because he was a knob?' It might be my imagination, but it is just possible that he has logged on under about 4 new names to date....... standing by:happy1:
  4. Fair one. I take it was another NMC scenario?
  5. Which end?

    I'm guessing arse-end.
  6. C'mon I need some gossip.
  7. MLP will be disappointed at the demise of MH as I am as I thoroughly enjoyed the titting and tatting. It's odd how ‘HEARTmikeHunt’ appeared in one puff of smoke and MH disappeared in another, I suspect that someone involved in the appearance has access to both keys.
  8. Sadly not. iheart / rip etc is Chicogiz.
  9. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Bellend more like.
  10. Because Finknottle does not need more than one log-in the senile old cunt.
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  11. Scurrilous and I resent the fact that you could even consider such a thing about someone who has served at RNAS Culdrose.
  12. For there are no flowers on a submarine's grave
    No tributes last long on the ocean's wave,
    the only salute is a seagull as it sweeps,
    and the tears that drop when a loved one
    weeps...R.I.P. the 82 boats that we lost.
  13. If we are doing quotes..........

    In a fraction of a second they are projected into eternity and will never possess a final resting home.
    They have graves without bodies, they are an exceptional breed of people....
    It is an utmost proudness of myself to have met these men, those lords that I salute, praise and admire.

    Winston Churchill on Clearance Divers September 1944
  14. I thought that was going to be about astronaughts! Y'know, sent into the neverending void, without a grave, good breeding, etc, etc.

    On reflection, I suppose it could be used for clearance divers and astronaughts!
  15. Mmmmm. It IS used for clearance divers. In fact it was and many years before astornaughts took to the skies. Some dude called Winston Churchill quoted it in 1944!
  16. Aye.. I take your point, they weren't invented then... but Churchill was a far sighted fella. He might have wrote that with all dangerous jobs in mind?
  17. Clearly not! Hence the Winston Churchill on Clearance Divers 1944 section to the quote. Think the clue is in the wording to be honest, the part that says projected into eternity ie when dealing with UXO. I fail to see any caveats to this quote? ie Winston Churchill on Clearance Divers/ insert as job as required-1944
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  18. Look, a 'clearance diver' is a man who may one day be projected in the same tradjectory as an astronaught but to a lower altitude. Thus Churchills quote, although he may not have pointed it at astronaughts per se, can still apply. [prayer said that all CDs attend their retirement parties]

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