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I've never understood why people granted citizenship should get it for life, if they act against their adopted country it should have the right to revoke their citizenship and return them to the country of orgin. If they face penalties on returning to their original country its their problem, maybe one that they should have thought about before p+ssing on the place that offers them safety.


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It is a contentious idea but I agree (for once) with Mr Brown. It seems reasonable that getting involved would allow them to "stake a claim" in the country that is effectively adopting them.

I also agree with janner on the idea that it should not necessarily be granted for life. We should at least have the ability to revoke it in situations where the person has committed a serious crime and is deemed no longer worthy of the right.

Will this idea be retrospective? I'd also love to see it applied to the shell-suited, burberry cap brigade who make a living by scrounging on the dole.

I'm not suggesting all those on benefits are scroungers by the way, but making people do unpaid community service 3 or 4 days a week would instill the work ethic, give them some self respect and give society something in return for their benefits.

All in all, it's a fine idea, but once the human rights "experts" and the lawyers get their hands on it, I can't see it happening too soon. Also, bearing in mind how easy it is to lose track of people in this country these days.

Did I hear the sound of spinning . . . . ?
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