Hi all!

I've read quite a few posts on having migraines and joining up, but it seems to vary a bit so thought i'd chuck a question out.

I'm now 22, so 10 years ago I started having headaches. Headaches progressively got worse, was chucked on quite a few drugs by the old GP, some worked some didn't. GP ended up classing the headaches as migraines (yey for medical records..). After 7 years, a doctor suggested it maybe being due to hormones. Surprise surprise after years of no fun, we worked out what is was. So technically i've now been clear for 4 years with nothing on my records since then.

Will I be medically fit for entry? On one thread someone mentioned if you took any -triptans, its a definite no. I was prescribed sumitriptan once as a precaution, but never took them. Will that be okay?

Any help would be much appreciated :)

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