hey all

just got my medical questionnaire and my eyesight test forms this morning. been put forward a couple of months, was told in december i wasn't going to be doing it til april. (hopefully) going in as a ETME Submariner. been trying to ring the AFCO but can't get through.

just wondering about migraines, i've had a look at a couple of other posts on the subject but they don't really answer my question.

around summer/autumn 2009 i started to get pretty bad migraines with aura (sort of a blurred vision/bright lights/spots). never had migraines before in my life. Went to the doctor October 2009 and was prescribed Sumatriptan tablets. didn't need them in the end as the migraines just went away.

is it true you need to be clear for 2 years? like i say i haven't had one since october 2009, so will they still do my medical/interview/pjft in the next couple of months seeing as i won't be in by October, by which time the 2 years will be up?

Or will they put everything on hold until the 2 years has gone, and then do my medical /interview/etc.?

cheers fellas


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Whilst not qualified to give medical advice, the drill is that an application cannot be processed beyond the medical examination without being passed fit for entry, so an application will remain in "stasis" until the Doc signs you off. Once signed-off fit, the clock starts ticking again, but not before.
I had migraines for years before applying and was honest etc on my forms. I had been on preventatives for about 6 months a few years before too. It didn't even get mentioned at my medical. I'm not saying that it's defo not a problem but it didn't stop me passing as fit.
hey, just an update incase anyone else had the same question. just got back from my medical, the doc says it's fine, nothing to worry about, passed! as long as i'm not on continuous medication to control it, it's fine :D

bring on the PJFT, best time so far is 11:21, got to do it in 11:38 so should be fine. :D
oi if it's good enough to get in, it's good enough for me. i'm 25 so it's about 30 seconds under. i'm dropping weight pretty fast so i reckon i'll have down to 10 mins in no time

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