Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Chaosdarkknight, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. Okay I am seriously wanting to join the Navy, have been for awhile now!

    However, since roughly 2000 I have suffered from migraines. For the first few years they occurred often and at times lasted for days. I visited my GP and was given medication. Then in and around 2003 the migraines stopped for awhile. But then, again in 2005 they came back for a couple of months...and this time I readdressed my medication with my GP. Since 2005, I have only been back to the doctors once and this was in November 2008. This was with regards to me asking for some stronger pain relief for headaches/migraines I was only getting at night. The GP put this down to a serious amount of stress, because my dad was in intensive care, and eventually passed away. These headaches, weren't anything like my migraines from previous years. So now since November 2008, I haven't visited my GP or suffered any migraines, nor have I had to take any medication for any short of headache...I was wondering if maybe now, I've actually grown out of my migraines?

    I basically want peoples views on the situation and my history if this will put a stop to me joining the Navy...The gentleman I spoke to at my local Navy Careers Office said that they tend to like having two years episode free...does anyone else think differently about this? Plus, he said there might be a chance I will be asked to return in 12 months or so time...after which time I would have been migraine free (touch wood) for three years. I am 25 though, will this go against me!?

    Many thanks

  2. Hi Tim!

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    One of our Moderators is a Royal Navy Doctor; I have sent him a message asking him to have a look at your question and advise you when he next does a Rum Ration Ward Round.

    Re your age, you can join the Royal Navy as a Rating up to the age of 35.

    Are you interested in one role in particular?
  3. Thanks for the quick response,

    in all honesty, I am open to any post! But I would like to work on a Submarine if at all possible!
  4. Are you and your GP convinced beyond all shadow of a doubt that you suffered from migraine?

    If so, you need to be 2 years symptom-free I believe.
  5. That's the thing, back in 2008, I assumed that what I was suffering/going through was another unusual experience of night migraines. So I went to my doctors, and asked for migraine pain relief.

    Which he gave me, but not many questions were asked...it was a matter of he has had them in the past it must be the cause.

    The other strange thing is, I remember paying for my prescription, but never having had to take them.

    I want to go back to my GP and ask for him to put a note on the system, saying that the diagnosis from my last visit was incorrect. And that maybe it wasn't migraines at all because I never actually had to take the medication prescribed. As mentioned above I personally think that this particular episode was anxiety/stress caused by the lost of my dad.

    Truthfully, it probably sounds like I am trying to make up an excuse for my last visit to the doctors, but I truly believe the GP who saw me should have diagnosed me correctly, rather than taking the patients (my) word for what I thought it was. It's a shame you can't have medical records amended.
  6. Picked yourself a nice little label on your medical records there mate. It could have been wisdom tooth growth or anything.

    Oh well, at the time you thought it was a migraine and said so. The doc has to take into consideration your perception of how the pain relates to previous episodes and you helped diagnose.

    Next time you have a headache, just call it a 'headache'. Same goes for those who get a bit of lower leg pain and call it 'shin splints', or feel down in the dumps and call it 'depression'.

    ooops, end of career
  7. You mention you'd like to go on boats. Have you had a headache/migraine doing anything involving pressure changes i.e. flying, diving etc. Reason I ask is that the ambient air pressure changes constantly on a dived boat and can cause headaches if your susceptible to them.
  8. As far as I'm aware you must be clear of migraines. If the regs say clear within two years and it's on your records then it's a bar

    I'm sure Angrydoc will come along and give you the difinitive answer you are after.

    But the standards are that standards if you don't make those standards then it's unfortunate.

    I wouldn't want to serve with someone always in their scratcher cos they got a headache
  9. Never suffered from headache/migraine due to being underwater, in the air (airline plane) or anything of the sort...
  10. I mean by the time a start the application process, and actually get round to the medical tests etc, it might very well be 2 years...This is only four months away now!
  11. I had headaches a few months before i applied, my gp sent me for a mri scan (i didnt tell the doctor that my headaches were migranes though) All the navy doc wanted were the results of the scan, they came clear so no problem. Maybe you'll get lucky and not have too much to worry about. But again i was very carefull about telling the doc how bad the pains were, not making moutains out of mole hills would of been the key. Hope you get through ok, best of luck.

  12. Thanks mate, I had a scan too, back in 2001 and it was clear also!

    I mean, hey if they require 2 years episode free, then this is easy enough, it's only a wait till November...if I apply after this, then maybe the medical staff will discard my previous medical history with migraines to be not of any affect to my application.

    After all I hear people who are in Navy, Marines that used to suffer from very young ages to late teens, had a few years episode free, then joined up no problems.
  13. Apols for the delay in replying. My in-tray is heaving at the mo.

    Generally speaking you need to be migraine free for 2 years. There is a lot of debate though - many migraines are actually headaches but Joe Public doesn't like being told all he has is a headache, so the M word is used. As JonnoJonno has said, another example of a label coming back to haunt people.

    You don't give any details of your 'migraines' so it is hard to say whether or not the 2 year rule applies. The fact that whatever they were was recurrent is a bit concerning - you are 2 years free now (almost) but you've been here before and they still came back. In any case, if you have ever had limb weakness or changes in your voice or vision during the attacks then you are unsuitable. Similarly if you have needed anything other than pain killers (ie anything ending in -tryptan) then you are unsuitable.

    Migraines are very debilitating and they tend to be triggered by stress. Warships can be pretty stressful places and we can't have people going down as soon as things get tough.


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