Might have a problem joining the Navy

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by UsernameGoesHere, May 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi. I would like to join the Navy but reading through the application found that I might have a problem after reading "more than one episode of self-harm". I did self-harm but just one episode, have a fair few scars though. Thing is it happened when I was 12 (so four years ago) and was just a one-off as I was going through hard times, realised it didn't help, got on with things basically. I'm fine, not depressed or anything and have never been diagnosed with depression or anything similar, and would never do anything like that again. Was just wondering if this is likely to prevent me from joining?
  2. Tell 'em you got the marks fighting muggers off an old lady.

    If you haven't got depression now - you will have if you join up.

    Unless your name is Norman then I will help by giving you a shove over the edge.
  3. Judging by your user name, you should do just fine.

    Nice one.

    Good luck.
  4. YOU were going through hard times at 12 years old? FFS, wait till you get to my age.
  5. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    LMAO,,,,,,,,,Its like being at jongleurs!!!!
  6. Have a look at this... http://www.navy-net.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=13916.html.
    It seems to be judged on a case by case basis.

    There are AFCO Recruiters (Ninja_Stoker and Supermario)who post on this website and a RN Medical man (Angry Doc) who should be able to help you further. I am sure they will appear at some point to comment on your post.
  7. ?????????? It can't be that bad surely!!! :( :(
  8. Did you seek medical help, see your GP for example?
    If not then there will be no record of your cutting/self harming in your Medical Records.
    However when you have your recruitment Medical the AFCO doc may enquire about the scarring. There may be obvious signs of self harming (Regular and close razor cuts for example.) which could lead to some awkward questions being asked.
    The RN has to be confident that Recruits will be able to take the stress that being in a new environment and undergoing training involves, so be prepared to face a bit of a grilling.
  9. I'm going through same thing.
    I'm a bit older than you, and my 'episode' was over 9 years ago now. I was treated by doctors.
    I have been open with AFCO from word go, everyone said oh its fine, it was ages ago - as soon as i got into medical (passed everything else) he's put application on hold, pending investigation.

    STILL waiting on response from that. I know patience is supposed to be character building, but i just wanna know! its been nearly 7 weeks since i had the medical, and i'm pretty sure my CO is getting pissed off i keep ringing every week checking for update.

    But after speaking with my GP (i know; he doesn't have any power in this situation) and the doctor i saw in my medical, not to mention my CO, they all seem positive, assuring me this is merely red tape and procedure they need to follow.
    So i remain optimistic. Good luck with your application - will keep you posted how i get on.
  10. I had a similar thing. My episode happened around 6 years ago when I was a skinny, whinging teenage hippy into Nirvana although (and i know you shouldnt be) but I'm deeply ashamed of it. I sought help from my GP and a Psychiatrist for around 6 months but it didn't really help.

    6 years on I'm sporting a crew cut, into weight lifting, fighting (boxing not chav style lol), growing beards, graduated with a higher national diploma at night school (whilst living on my own and working, driving fast cars (own a mitso FTO) and very much enjoying life. I've upheld stressful jobs and done well at them and where I used to be incredibly shy I am now incredibly confident and people I see from my old school who knew me at the time of the attempt remark how they never imagined me to turn out like this. Practically all my friends now do not even know of this attempt and would be incredibly shocked if I told them. I tell you this because I can sit contentedly behind the cloak of annonyminity that is the interwebz.

    You are 16 now so your personality is still developing and your body is still flooded with hormones. Why not wait until your 20, work a few jobs build up your confidence and apply then as an adult who can remark that what happened was unfortunate but part of being

    If you apply now you will still be viewed as a fresh faced, nervous green youngster with scared wide eyes at the big bad world. If you apply at 20 and asked about self harming you can claim "I am adult now, I've lived on my own, upheld a job, a car (and hopefully) a relationship. What happened 8 years ago happened as a child struggling to cope with the realities of growing up."

    I strongly believe that for both character building and the sake of being able to waltz through the recruitment process, that you should get a job, earn some money and apply to the Navy in 4 years time when you have arrived at adulthood.

    I think if you apply now you'll be waiting around as medical reports get batted to and from from the AFCO to your GP and back again to find out that employing someone this young to deal with the stress of basic, phase 2 and possible deployment is just not in there interests.

    Good luck whatever your choice buddy :)
  11. Am no doctor, just have a cerificate in health and saftey :lol: :lol:

    As it says that if you have over two then it is bar, but seeing though you have stated that you have self harmed once, have you been to the docs about it? if not it wont be on your record, if that is the case and there is no visable scars then dont say nothing, no point if there is no trace, if it is on your records, be honest and open about it

    Well good luck with your application

    i suggest that you PM AngryDoc, he knows the crack
  12. Hi

    Some good advice on this thread - especially FistFullOfNails. Sounds like FFON is one of those rare individuals who actually took responsibility for his/her own life instead of expecting society to provide for him/her. Nice one.

    To those surprised by self-harm at 12 - it is rare but no unheard of! I've seen a 10 year old who cut himself...

    If it was one episode and more than 3 years ago, and all is well now with no lingering problems, then there shouldn't be an issue. If you did seek help at the time get copies of relevant letters from your GP and bring them to the medical with you - this would speed things up and prevent the endless batting that does occur. There may be a bit of to-and-fro while it's confirmed there are no lingering issues.

    Good luck.
  13. Surely joining up in time of war is a form of self harming? Volunteering to undergo basic training? Entering the gas chamber....... ;)

    On a more serious note, I remember several years ago browsing through the suicide/parasuicide returns of the G Spot until the 1960s, and although many, not brave enough to abscond, tried self harm as a way of getting out, they failed and pusser kept a firm grip on their sailors' collars! o_O

    Evil Pusser! :evil: :D :roll:

    How times have changed..... for the better!
  14. Does it have to be that length of time?
    Last year, just after I started college, I saw my GP about depression and had one incident of self harm. He suggested I see a counsellor; I did, decided it was pointless, dealt with it on my own and am now far stronger for it. I became depressed because my father is disabled, and at the same time my sister was still a young baby, so I had a lot of responsibility which I was unprepared for. However, I basically decided to 'man up and get on with it', which I did, and am now absolutely fine, and hence now far mroe responsible with my father and sister as well, for that matter. When should I declare this, and will it be much of a problem?
  15. Nikki - well done. I agree counselling isn't for everyone, but it can help to vent to a third party sometimes!

    The guidelines do say 3 years, but everything is open to interpretation to an extent. It very much depends how you present yourself and how it is discussed on the day of your medical.
  16. Glad they're open a bit - as I say, it was very brief [read immature teenage drama] over Daddy's problems. Soon grew up a lot and dealt with it, hence am a lot more adult now, and mroe than capable of handling responsibility.
    Would it be best to ring up and get my records from my GP for my medical?
    Thanks for the reply!
  17. Thanks for all your replies. :D
  18. Reading some of the threads this place can churn out is certainly some kind of self-harm :lol:

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