Might bring back some memories for the Sundodgers


War Hero
This review is from: All the Nice Girls (Hardcover)
During the mid sixties, a Royal Navy conventional submarine is unexpectedly sent to a northern city shipyard for a refit. Two officers and a skeleton crew are left in charge of the boat and try to find their bearings within the feudal society of the shipyard people and admiralty overseers. Meanwhile, the junior lieutenant finds himself a flat in a rural surrounding and soon becomes a legend in the local society. Witty and accurate, this novel describes how, after a poor start but with the enlightened assistance of the local Navy Commander, these people manage to make a roaring success of their submarine refit. Possibly John Winton's best novel, after "we joined the navy".


War Hero
Book Reviewer
It's a long time since I read it, but I remember it well. John Winton was an engineer officer in submarines.


Book Reviewer
I've found all of John Wintons books to be a good read, if you haven't tried them you have a treat in store.
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