Might be the RAF but this is Disgusting

You might class it as 'disgusting', but things like - A gas pipe which supplies Buckingham Palace will also have to be moved, adding another £100,000 to the bill - should have all been looked at before giving the go ahead.
Obviously a bunch of amateurs in the planning office.

The organisers are more to blame for the problems than anyone else. At £5million I wonder how much they will be pocketing.


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The Organisers could turn themselves into a Limited company and claim the tax back. Either that or ask the Government for a 250k donation.

I have to agree with Notmechief, dumb assed idea whacking it ontop of a pipeline. The first thing you do when setting up a temporary structure in a park etc let alone a perminent one is look up and down for hazards/obstructions. School boy mistake, who on earth chose the location and what constraints were they working too?
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