Might as well say cheerio myself...


War Hero
I've posted this here because I make most of my posts here,and that social forum sounds all to fluffy and cuddly for me.

I'm off on Saturday to spend the next few months in a field, I just can't wait to be p1ssed wet through for the next 3 months...oh the joys of British summertime...could be worse I accept that.

Anyway, some will be glad to see the back of me, some wont notice, most wont give a shite. Be good, play nicely with the fun police and have a ball.

If anyone has young kids or grandkids and fancies a family day out check out www.noddytour.co.uk If we're going anywhere near you (look at the venue page) PM me by Saturday a.m at the latest and I'll get you in without straining the old beer tokens..... :thumright: :dwarf:

I look forward to sharing a few beers with the RR'ers I'm already meeting up with around the country.


War Hero
Gutted!! No East Midlands venue's.

Good luck Blobs, hope the weather cheers up for it, mind you not sure if you would want 30 degrees and sun shining in those getups :jocolor:
Comeon Blobbs you must be able to get on tinternet sometimes, even if it's to give us the black on Noddy & Big ears sexual antics.
Have fun 'Tessie Bear.', go easy on the MILFS and be gentle with Harry, he's getting on a bit now you know. Have a few, beers, for me
Cheers mate.
I expect your kids will miss you Blobbs however there will be some fun weekends for them if they visit. I expect Harry's kids will miss him too ... have fun fellas ... hope the weather improves ...


:wave: :wave: :wave:


Lantern Swinger
slim said:
Comeon Blobbs you must be able to get on tinternet sometimes, even if it's to give us the black on Noddy & Big ears sexual antics.
Yakker, I'll be meeting up with Blobby on the 13th of July (me liver is already hiding near me left big toe!!) so will give you the SP on Noddy and Big Ears when/if I return. :thumright:

I'm also considering a trip to Helensburgh to visit old haunts during the following week, 15/16/17th July if anyone fancies meeting for a pint or two.



War Hero
Just to keep you informed, the beer fridge has been located and loaded, we also have a supply of real westcountry cider... :thumright:

Pity the toilets turn up 3 days after us.... :pottytrain5:
Have a great time WB, I don't think I will be near any of your shows unfortuantely, so you can be thankful for that. I like every one else though are really looking forward to the "New Adventures of Noddy" when you get back on line.
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