Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Lynx101, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. Is it true that Midshipmen are non-commissioned officers? I was sure that they were commissioned but I think I might have read somewhere that S/Lt is the lowest commissioned rank? Is this true?
  2. I'm sure they're commissioned because you go through "officer school" to attain the rank ...
  3. Always believed they were non-commisioned and you didn't have to salute them. I never did and never got picked up for it.
  4. My commission is dated the day I was promoted to Acting Sub Lieutenant. Lacking access to QRRN, this extract from Wiki complies with my understanding (link) (link):

    When an officer is saluted, it is the commission he/she holds that is being acknowledged, not the individual; just like saluting the ensign (the equivalent of a 'regimental colour') when boarding or leaving a commissioned warship or submarine. While not yet holding a commission, midshipmen are usually saluted out of common courtesy.

    An officer awarded a commission retains it for life unless he/she resigns it, is 'cashiered', or disqualifies themself in some way, e.g. joins the Armed Services of a country not having the British monarch as its Head of State/Commander-in-Chief. In a similar manner, officers don't 'retire' from the Service, they are just transferred from the 'Active List' to the 'Retired List' in the rank last held.
  5. Thanks for the reply! Very helpful! :)
  6. All the famous Officers in the RN started life as Snotties :wink: :wink: Flying Buccaneers as well :salute: :worship:
  7. not wishing to deviate too much from the thread by why is the signature of Lynx 101 that of two Merlins. I'm au fait with the EH101 and can see the reference in that context. Just asking out of curiosity.
  8. Officer ranks taken from QRRN's

    NATO Code (RN only)
    RN including QARNNS Military including
    RM, and QARANC
    Air Force
    OF-10 Admiral of the Fleet Field Marshal Marshal of the
    Royal Air Force
    OF-9 Admiral General Air Chief Marshal
    OF-8 Vice-Admiral Lieutenant-General Air Marshal
    OF-7 Rear-Admiral Major-General Air Vice-Marshal
    OF-6 Commodore Brigadier Air Commodore
    OF-5 Captain Colonel Group Captain
    OF-4 Commander Lieutenant-Colonel Wing Commander
    OF-3 Lieutenant-Commander Major Squadron Leader
    OF-2 Lieutenant Captain Flight Lieutenant
    Sub-Lieutenant (but junior to military and Air Force ranks)
    Lieutenant Flying Officer
    OF-1 Midshipman (but junior to military and Air Force ranks)
    (QARNNS does not have a Midshipman rank)
    Second Lieutenant Pilot Officer Acting Pilot Officer (but
    junior to Second Lieutenant)



  9. Not quite true. Many would have started as cadets as I did, or even on the lower deck. Those who flew Buccs would certainly have been cadets before they became midshipmen.

    (Don't you just hate smart a**es? :) )
  10. Admiral Lyne didn't and he was famous in Victorian England. He trained at the Premier Public School for Ratings! :p
  11. IMHO I think that in there egalitarian days ALL members of the Senior Service from Junior to Admiral of the Fleece, should get commissions. The other services should relinquish theirs, bar the Royals, who are really wavy sailors in lovat!
  12. Midshipmen are Invincible! FACT
    Basic Info
    Name: Midshipmen are Invincible! FACT
    Category: Just for Fun - Outlandish Statements
    Description: Midi tabs are bulletproof, bombproof, and amazing bullshit deflectors.

    Anyone who needs proof just watch an old WWII film, 18 inch shells can land on their heads killing all others around but the Snotty always pops up unscathed.
  13. That's because they were manufacturered from steel! :D

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