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  1. One morning, a stud farm owner receives a visit from a midget wanting to buy a horse. It soon becomes apparent that the dwarf has a bad speech impediment.
    “Can I view a female horth?†he asks.
    Dutifully, the owner leads one out, and shows the midget the hoofs and legs. “That’th a thtrong looking beatht, for thure,†says the gnomic breeder, nodding his head. “Can I thee her mouf?â€
    Confused as to how the tiny man will ride the animal, the farmer picks up the midget by his braces and shows him the horse’s mouth.
    “Nithe, healthy-looking horth,†agrees the midget. “Now move me awownd to her eerth …â€
    Now getting annoyed, the owner lifts up the midget one more time to look at the ears.
    “Finally,†says the Lilliputian, “can I thee her ****?â€
    With that, the owner picks up the midget and shoves his head into the horse’s vagina. He pulls him out after a minute, and the tiny man stumbles around, dazed.
    “Perhapth I thould rephrathe that,†says the midget, shaking his hea. “Can I thee her wun awownd?â€

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