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IIRC one of the X craft on the way to Norway for the Tirpitz operation was lost with its passage crew en route.
^Aye, the one lost on passage was <<...X9, while commanded by Sub-Lieutenant E. Kearon of the passage crew and probably trimmed heavily by the bow in the heavy sea for the tow, was lost with all hands on the passage when her tow parted and she suffered an abrupt plunge due to her bow-down trim...>>

The successful Tirpitz* element of Operation Source, 22/9/1943 was to result in two X Craft submarine CO's VCs: <<...Commanders of the craft, Lieutenants Donald Cameron (X6) and Basil Place (X7), were awarded the Victoria Cross...>>

FWIW During operation Source Leading Seaman J. Magennis was a passage crew member of Lt. Place's X7, LS Magennis later earned his own VC for valour as a diver during the XE craft Operation Struggle:

<<... During an attack on the Japanese cruiser Takao in Singapore, Magennis showed extraordinary valour and bravery by leaving the submarine for a second time in order to free some explosive charges that had got caught. His commanding officer Lieutenant Ian Fraser was also awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions on 31 July 1945 during the operation...>>

Further decent Wiki coverage of X Craft Operations & Links to Ops Source & Struggle etc:

*Above Us the Waves (1955) 95 minute Film is at:

BZ & Hats off to all involved with those X craft Boats - Hope that this UJC Presentation is worthy of the stories of all those brave men.
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