Michelle looks good...

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Drakey, Sep 27, 2010.

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  1. Ultimo boss looks better than ever. She recenlty appeared (and still is) on 71 Degrees North.
  2. Yes I would.
  3. Will my mrs look that good if I buy her some of those nicks?
  4. I still would have dogged her when she was a chunker.
  5. Yes she does... :oops: I mean would look good in them Dixie. :D :D :thumbup:
  6. I'll send you the photo's, you decide :wink:
  7. Helped empty my spuds. :sex: :sign10:
  8. Looking forward to them, she wont let me take any
  9. I'd damage her. That Susie on the same show is worth a squirt
  10. One concurs:
  11. I had no idea there was so much totty on the tele. I really must watch more of it.
  12. She would get it all over, and she is from Glasgow so she will be pure filth!
  13. One thing that always suprised me about Glasgow was that the brids that weren't fat hairy slappers of heroin addicts tended to be fucking essence. Fond memories :p
  14. Yes there are a large amount of divs ones out there, majority of the time you need a translator though! Find out her name though, buy her a few blue disco juices and your sorted though.

    Bet that would work on michelle as well just to keep it in thread!

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