Michael Poole RM or RN?

Joe from SAMA (82) here. I have just been contacted by a lady from Beunos Aries by the name of Andrea Marono whos email addy is [email protected] She used to know a Michael Poole RM? who was on HMS Endurance during the conflict, they fell in love. She said she was in touch with him up to 1987 (21 years ago for goodness sake!!!) when her letters were returned from the address he lived at in Northampton. She had met his parents. He had three oppos David Coombes RM?, Graham Thompson WAFU and Robert Nadin WAFU - all, I belive from Endurance.

None of them are members of SAMA(82) or The Survey Ships Association.

If any one knows where any of these chaps are please pass this message on.
Bob Nadin went on to be a Harrier pilot.

Haven't got a contact for him, maybe someone in the ACA still keeps in touch. I'll have a look-see!!
Re: Michael Poole RM

to JOE(SAMA)82 re your letter posted on this site. I dont know if you have a contact address for ANDREA MARONO. If so please reply

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