Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by onceasapper, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. I've already started this thread off on ARRSE and Rear Party so now you can have a turn

    I'm either very brave or very foolish but......

    I'm a helpdesk manager working for MHS in Liverpool and the only ex squaddie or former military type there

    Hopefully the mods will make this a sticky but rather than you lot ranting off and calling MHS b******s all the time, I will answer any queries I can on line.

    Yes you can rant and rave and swear as much as you like (unless you upset the Mods) but I'll ignore it, pop open a yellow handbag and have another beer. However, if you have something constructive to say, I will try and help you.

    I'm ex Royal Engineers and was a pad over 13 years (some good and some really way down in the standard stakes - flats in Guillimont Fields in Farnborough (damp concrete walls) come to mind) and way way back in time I was a pads brat in Plymouth (Does the RAF have a similar site?)

    I'm not going to get into any slanging matches with you lot, wives or contractors but will pass constructive comments on and hopefully play a part in making the service better. I'll even answer some queries when I can.

    I won't be here everyday and will do this in my own time (I have a life outside of work, a degree in psychology to finish and we don't have web access in work) so be patient with me
  2. Cheers for that grefs

    Right back to the footie
  3. Confused me too
    NHS perhaps ?
    Pedantic ? moi ?
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    A new name for Married Quarters??
  5. MODern Housing Solutions The new repair service for quarters

  6. I was a wee bit confused as well , but welcome onceasapper :roll: :twisted:
  7. In the context of the MOD that sound like a contradiction in terms! :lol:
  8. Don't think the Navy have got many Married quarters left.
    They sold all the ones in Rosyth and I think Faslane [Clyde ] were getting thinned out aswell.

    Mind you----------with current house prices it might be worth building a few
    cos the good old days of house buying and selling is becoming a pain.
  9. Greenie , could'nt agree more , how the younger generation ever get on the housing ladder beats me , so glad I got on it quite a number of year's ago , certainly would'nt be able to do it now ,
    Don't know how many Married Quarter's are left in Plymouth , but it can't be many , all went year's ago , most'ly sold off to Housing Associations and the like . :roll: :twisted:
  10. eggbuckland seems to be one location as well as lympstone (I know it's not in Plymouth, I'm from St Beudeux) and helston in cornwall so there's still a few

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