MHQ Mount Wise 1985 (ish)

First post, so apologies if this is in the wrong forum, hopefully a moderator will move it if it is :)

Having a bit of a debate with the other half regarding watch systems at Mount Wise in the mid 80s. I only served at one shore establishment being Mount Wise and remember doing what I think was known as the Faslane watch system, 2 nights / 2 days / 4 days off. The other half is trying to convince me that we did Forenoon / Afternoon / Nights as Northwood did. If we did then I slept through it to be honest

Any one out there that can help it would be appreciated before I sign the divorce papers over it :eh:
I was in Faslane Commcen and can concur with the watchkeeping system. Just managed to get home to Gosport in time to turn around and get back to Faslavatory!

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