Metropolitan Police to recruit up to 2000 Constables next year

Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by jaggers, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. Metropolitan Police to recruit up to 5000 Constables by 2016

    I'm ex-Met myself and have a friend from Dartmouth who's currently a training instructor and we've both heard the same thing. The emphasis will be first of all be on Special Constables and PCSOs (the police equivalent of the RNR and RFA) given a shine up and made regulars but they might also recruit direct and ex-servicemen always get first pick especially if they've served in RN police or any sort of enforcement role within the service.

    Job's pretty good, intial pay is equivalent to a Sub Lt and you get overtime and allowances including heavily subsidised travel via bus, tube and train. Hendon is no problem if you've been to Dartmouth and if you've been to Raleigh it's a lot more academic (equivalent to a degree in 18 weeks) but still perfectly doable. One thing I would say is that there's a lot more emphasis on individual work and self-discipline, you're allowed to get on with your own thing a lot more and not be continuously told what to do from dawn to dusk. In the navy we practiced and practiced almost exclusively for a war we never got to fight and occupied our time with bull to keep everyone busy. In the police we fought the war 24/7, 365 days a year.

    I'll let you know if I hear more.
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  2. That's good to know. I passed for Met in 2005 but didn't join in the end because my partner also passed and we didn't want to train at the same time. I then passed again for Norfolk in 2010. I passed the fitness/interview and exam only to be told months later that I'd been kicked out for having 9 days sick in the last 3 years. Talk about a shitty way to kick all the extra white middle-class male entrants out.

    Still, might come in handy if something goes wrong for me in the navy.
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Most Forces seem to have stopped recruitment or severly curtailed it, I would be suprised if the Met is recruiting on this scale.

    Early Chop do you think that they would look at you again?
  4. Fixed that for you.
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  5. Within those words lies the problem.

    I don't want police officers :donut: :donut: to fight a war, I want them to provide a policing service.

    Here you go, have another one :donut:.
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  6. I hope these 18 week courses now teach policemen to tell the truth so when they next have a childish paddy they don't make up stories about MPs; you can throw in made up stories about football fans to cover up incompetence into that as well.

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  7. .....and remarkably similar statements about Orgreave from forces across the country during miners strike.
  8. Isn't the MET full of county force rejects?
  9. First time I applied they turn me down because I mentioned an old rugby injury, second time I didn't mention it and they let me in no problem. Frankly the police is no more competent than the navy is
  10. Wassat Stirling?
  11. It's a political thing (isn't everything?), Boris is under pressure to keep frontline numbers up so he normally finds money from somewhere. A lot of guys joined in the early 80s when Maggie gave everyone a huge payrise and they're now coming to the end of their 30 years. The met would rather force them to retire and recruit new guys because the guys with 30 years in are now earning top rate pay whilst the new guys would only get their starting salary so it would actually save money.
  12. We'll have none of that here, I was RNR and RN and I was a special constable too. :evil4: And let's face it the RNR is the way of the future. I used to work on a Safer Transport Team and my PCSOs were great, standing on crime scenes, finding so many knives we started referring to the cutlery fairy (and on one occasion a pump action shotgun), constantly identifying street robbers they'd dealt with for the Borough Intelligence Unit when their CCTV photos appeared on the morning briefings
  13. That depends on where you live, I was a special in Cambridge and that was the kind of policing you prefer but in London it was a war zone, youth gangs stabbing one another, Yardies and Turkish Mafia machine-gunning one another. Gotta fight fire with fire, Dixon of Dock Green doesn't work
  14. We'll see about 'Plebgate'? As for Hillsborough it was the perfect storm and I doubt there was any perfect solution (open the gates people die inside, keep them closed and people die at the turnstyles and everyone wonders why you didn't open the gates when there was plenty of room inside the ground?).

    In my experience the police are no more incompetent than the navy (yep it's that bad):(:glasses8:
  15. Yeah well the miners violence and thuggery was the same all over so hardly surprising.
    That was where the 'I met the Met' tradition came from. Guys would have affairs with the miner's wives whilst their husbands were on the picket lines and as they were leaving they'd stick community relations 'I met the Met' stickers on the doors so that when the husbands came home they'd know what happened (now THAT's psychological warfare!). Of course, after a while they just started sticking them on random doors....

    Honestly, you'd think they were matelots or something:pirat:

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  16. Other way around, the county mounties deal with tractor thefts etc whilst the Met deals with real crime. As a special in Cambridge I arrested 2 people in six months. In the Met it wasn't unusual to do that in one day
  17. During strike forces from across the country were drafted in to help cope with the mass picketing ect.

    BBC - Learning Zone Class Clips - The miners

    After Orgreave the statements from PC's on the ground were not just similar but word for word copy, so higher up's must have been involved to ensure statements tallied. Investigation ongoing.
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  18. that can`t do the CSI boys much help
    but no spoons or forks
    perhaps if they`d kept hold of them...
  19. Yes, I have not had a single day sick in the last 3 years . . . as of now. So why not? I am over qualified.
  20. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Sod joining the police, I want pride in what I do.

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