Metropolitan Police Commander Ali Dizaei

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tug1970, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. While listening to the news coverage of this mans trial and conviction. The media seems to be saying that his race kept him from proscution.
    could it not be that he simlpy was a clever crook who new how to use the race card well.
    It would also seem to that it takes a long time to secure a conviction against a senior police officer look at the Elmore Davies case. Is not wrong that senior police officers seem to get away with crime for longer peiods than anyother serving police officer. Why is this? should it not be a level playing feild for all.
  2. Another bottle of reality pills needed here!!!!! :( 8O :roll:
  3. yes your right I suppose I was being rather unrealistic about the level playing field as the CPS and the IPCC are all linked in some shape or form.
  4. We are unfortunately still a long way from an ideal world, people like this bent copper simply reinforce that fact.
  5. Still couldn't have happned to a nicer ****, it's a shame they'll have him locked up with the nonces and not in general population where he could get the tender loving care he deserves.

  6. Nonces need manluv too…

  7. Justice has been done and been seen to be done.

    Does anyone know what his pension situation is now that he has been convicted?
  8. Any real justice and it should be nonexistant!

  9. Null and void on the pension front
  10. Sometimes you have to wait for a simple charge, with no wriggle room, before you can get the correct result.......'back of the net' on this one

    Maybe he can form a Black Coppers Doing Time Association in his new home
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  12. He has a pension of 66,000 GBP that will not be affected unless the Metropolitan Police Authority decide to investigate and subsequently vote to withdraw the pension.
  13. Agreed. But they will.
  14. Maybe:-

    The IPCC will prepare a report for the Metropolitan Police Authority, which will then move to dismiss Dizaei for gross misconduct. He could also lose his pension. Dizaei has been suspended on full pay of £90,000 a year since September 2008.

  15. It's a shame that he will not lose his pension automatically. Any member of HM Forces who gets convicted of such an offence on duty would be straight out and into Colly or HMP minus pension and gratuity.
  16. Quite amusing that he is still essentially a serving police officer in nick! Makes for a few awkward moments no doubt!
  17. He should be fine as long as he doesn't try to arrest anyone who annoys him!
  18. The Met is feeling the knock on effect of picking a number of officers from minority backgrounds to become rising stars in the wake of the Macpherson report. Whilst some have been a legitimate success, others have been propelled through the ranks in an effort to make the force look more diverse when they were in fact criminally under qualified and lacking the experience or knowhow to do their positions justice. There are some real issues arising with those around commander rank who many in the Met say should plainly not be where they are today. One of the perils of affirmative action in an organisation like the Police.
  19. Surrounded by liars, thieves, fraudsters, perverts, and perjurors.

    He should feel right at home - just like most police canteens.

  20. Did he not also get a 66 grand compo payout for some "racial slur" in the recent past ? Let's have that back as well.

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