Metro: "Rock Horror For Holidaymaker As High Tide Traps Her On Cornwall Cliff"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. When will they ever learn.:angryfire:

    All the tv progs on accidents by the sea and the lemmings still go walkies up cliffs. Don't they know about tides. Retorical question, obviously not!!!!
  2. Nice article by the Shropshire Star, didn't realise things were so dire in the mob that the SAR squadron were using police helicopters now.
  3. Didn't think things were so dire in the Air Crew branch that they had to train Booties as the "Dope on the Rope" for the SAR ... but there again ... says it all doesn't it!

    OK ... got my coat!
  4. The Shropshire Star has clearly noted your observation, WreckerL ...

    Photo has been changed.
  5. Makes you wonder if journo's monitor this site :lurk:
  6. Naval aircrew have been a mix of Marine and RN Aircrewman since before the Falklands. Doc Love, (RIP), died in 1982. A well respected RM Aircrewman. We even have female crewies too!:D

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