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Metro: "Priest ‘stole £850k’ to spend on strip clubs..."


War Hero
Re: Metro: "Priest ‘stole £850k’ to spend on strip club

Nice to see that he invested the ill gotton gains wisely :p
Re: Metro: "Priest ‘stole £850k’ to spend on strip club

Its reported like its an unusual occurence.A priest with his hand in the till 8O .Next thing you know they'll be having fun with choirboys :D
Re: Metro: "Priest ‘stole £850k’ to spend on strip club

Give the guy a break.....have you seen the cost of nutty, mars bars etc these days FFS.. The Reverend Gentleman realises that no bait, no (choir) boys bots bum fun etc. He just embezzled a little to much and had to get rid of the dosh somehow...and he is only one man.... :) 8)


War Hero
Book Reviewer
As you Navy chaps would say, BZ to this man of the cloth.

At least it kept his hands off the choir.
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