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Metro: "Pagans And Witches Serving In The British Military"


War Hero

"Dozens of pagans and witches serve in the British military.

Scores of Rastafarians and spiritualists are also among services personnel who follow alternative religions, official figures show.

A total of 770 members of the Navy, Army and RAF declared their faith as ‘other’.

It includes 120 devotees of paganism, which is based on a reverence for nature and was famously explored in the 1973 film The Wicker Man."

Pagans and witches serving in the British military | Metro News


War Hero
Don't know about pagans but I've known a few witches....well they looked like witches, they cackled like witches and they were all into home brew.


Lantern Swinger
I picked up a witch who was hitch-hiking once. I could tell she was a witch because as soon as she put her hand on my knee, I turned into a lay-by.