METOC - Good career choice?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by TopCat, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. Hello, I'll be taking the Recruiting Test next week, my only worry at the moment is I've chosen the wrong career. A METOC seems to come in for a lot of derision, not that I should let a few disparaging remarks sway me but it's got me thinking, have I made the right choice? Not that I was particularly interested in anything else, but is it a worthwhile career choice? Will there be much in the way of career prospects when I leave?

    I'll be very grateful to hear your honest opinions on the matter...
  2. Anyone? The advice would be appreciative
  3. Never heard of metoc myself and on googling it, this appears to be a US Navy trade?? This is the Royal Navy unnofficial site.
    If im wrong slap me and wait for NS, Mario or current/ex serving chappies to come along as Im sure they will know.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Every branch comes in for a lot of derision- it's called banter. Don't be put off your choice by individuals who are not serving in the trade or who only offer anecdotal advice.

    The Hydrographic, Meteorological and Oceanographic (HM) Warfare Specialist is to my mind a very good trade & extremely transferable to the civilian job market.

    There were changes implemented at the beginning of this year, separating the Hydrography & Meteorology elements to permit more focussed specialisations with deeper expertise. The newer leaflet at the link above gives more detail. In laymans terms you have to decide if you want to survey the ocean floor and make charts or forecast weather patterns.

    ABs in both disciplines will complete a generic Naval General Training package and those streaming (H) will complete the 4 week Seamanship module. Most ratings will then remain in their chosen discipline for their entire careers.

    There is an ‘option point’ for those that were not streamed to their preference and wish to swap. Those that exercise their option will, at the earliest opportunity, dependent on Service need, return to HMTG and re-skill in the other stream. Thereafter, they will remain in their new stream. HMS RALEIGH began streaming HM Ratings for those recruits who commenced Phase 1 training in Aug 08. Candidates are to required to indicate their preferred stream, (H) or (M), during the selection process.

    In addition the Online Careers Publication at the link is incorrect in the second paragraph as it heads the Meteorology (weather forcasting) paragraph as: "Your responsibilities as a Hydrographic sub-specialist" and should read "Your responsibilities as a Meteorological sub-specialist".
  5. Thanks mate, It's probably best to just stick to my instincts and go for it.
  6. Topcat, I have never been METOC, but have worked with them and also done many Met and Oceanog courses.

    If your interested in the weather and have an interest in what goes on under the surface of the sea then it may be the trade for you. I personally found the subject very confusing. (That means I was pretty crap).

    Unless going officer then forecasting will not be an option but you will get involved in recording and putting together weather briefs for naval aircrew. On board the bigger ships you may well do a similar briefing regarding Met and Oceanography for ASW briefings. Ships as well as naval ASW helicopter crews need a comprehensive picture of the conditions under the surface so that the sonar can be utilised correctly.

    Mine is a very blinkered view as I have only had dealings as aircrew so weather briefings and oceanography briefings have been my only contact. METOCs on smaller vessels such as survey ships may have a totally different job.

    As for careers after the Navy. Then there are many. All UK airports have a Met centre where weather readings are taken every half hour or so. There are couple of major Met centres in the UK the main one being at Exeter in Devon.

    Good luck in whatever career path you elect. :thumright:
  7. so when will they change the names of the sub-specs to METOC and survey Recorder again :)

    Plus ca change....
  8. If you are looking for a career as a weather girl on the Beeb after you finish with the Rn you will be required to attend elecution lessons. this is to ensure that you do not sound any of you Rs. i.e. You will say Wain and not Rain.
    Listen to Wossie or the BBC weather reports and you will soon get the message
  9. Thanks for the information Waspie! Slim, I could be the Royal Navy's very own tootsie!
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Gosh, it's almost as though I detect sarcasm!

    Before we know it someone will suggest the concept of OM's was a cock-up and that WE's should be re-established also.

    Whatever next?
  11. In the last few years this has begun to change,in the Met specialisation at the LH and PO level your acting as an Assistant Forecaster(in other words you write the forecast and the officer puts his name to it) and at the Chief Petty Officer level you are a qualified forecaster after doing the relevant courses.

    Personally, if I was joining the HM world again I would take the H route as you are higher pay band and get specialist pay. Also, when going outside you are much more in demand in the civvy world!

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