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I am mate, the first 3 on the PS and PS2 blew my mind to the next millenium.

This one seems to be even better, which let's face it, can't be possible.

It seems to have all the old characters, even featuring Raiden as a sword weilding cyborg, I wonder how he ended up like that.

What do you think?
lol there is nothing about this game you can tell me i dont already know metal hear solid was the first game i ever played or a playstation lol, i have heard that raiden's head and spinal cored was insirted in to a super body, but i think its bollocks, raiden has more likley had the nano machines in his body amped up a few noches by otacon, tell you what i love though, the fact that jonny is in it again, the soldier that meryl knocks out and steals uniform in the first MGS he is part of the new foxhound squad that meryl leads, he is the one with his face fully coverd,

the new bio metal gears that roam around seem pretty cool as does the new bosses in the game, they all seem to be girls too,

i hate the fact that this is the last metal gear solid ever, that sucks big time no more snake, but there will be more just not about snake.

there is rumors going round of a remake of the original using the ps3 cell capabilitys, i effin hope so that would be class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I f'in love mgs,
been a big fan of it since the first one,
even downloaded metal gear and metal gear: solid snake,
the two games that hideo kojima made before metal gear solid that came out on the MSX,
some japanese console in 1988 and 1990,
completed em both.

Sadly though I don't have a ps3 :(.

Doubt they'd remake the first one,
they remade it on the gamecube and the new additions made it worse in my eyes,
people said they would remake Final Fantasy 7 on the ps3,
because they made a demo video to show the quality of the graphics,
but they said there not gonna remake it.

I know the last post was a while ago, but I couldn't resist posting on this thread.

MGS4 is the nuts, in my own opinion it has THE best video game fight cut scene ive ever seen with Vamp and Raiden, but I wont go into it as i'll end up writing a spoiler.

If your a fan of the MGS series then I suggest you go buy it, trade your pet dog for it or if you must.. shoplift it.. you won't be disappointed!

Completed back in November and every cut scene watched. Very rarely I say it, but at the moment its the best game I've ever played without a doubt!

Disclaimer: This post is in no way meant to encourage or suggest that you commit any theft and any pet animals exchanged for video games is not advised
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