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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Yes he should resign over the John Charles de Menezes killing without delay, failing that he should be sacked.

    It seems that no one in high office who fails in their duties does the honourable thing anymore and falls on his/her sword and it's time it stopped.
  2. Oops.. maybe finknottle and I shouldnt have voted, we dont want to be accused of being Jocks voting on English matters... LOL

  3. Why not. The man is named Blair which is a Jockistani name and he shows all the traits of our northern neighbours and other folk with the same surname :thumright:

    Usage: Scottish
    From any one of several of this place name in Scotland, which derives from Gaelic blar meaning "plain, field, or battlefield".

    Morag....where's ye Highland hospitality! Will ye nae arch ye back a little and keep the English gentleman's balls off the wet grass :bball:

  4. Bergen, a smidgen of flippancy is always appreciated, by the way I do believe it was wet heather and not grass that Morag was laid upon. =)
  5. I thought Morag was a sheep!
  6. Cheers Finknottle - It comes from serving as the only Englishman in a Troop full of Jocks. I love 'em really :thumright:

    On a serious note; the head of the Metropolitan Police is a disgrace and there should have been no question that he should have left immediately....resigned or preferably sacked

  7. This seems to me rather like arguing that Mendonca should have taken the hit because the Queen's Lancs had a few cowboys. Apart from having not been totally kept in the picture, what failure, at his altitude, led to the Brazilian being slotted? Should he have declared his Unit none op until it had been thoroughly worked up and exercised? That would have gone down well had the result been a tube train full of explosively modified humans.

    I'm only surprised that yer woman Dick is teflon coated on this one.
  8. PoL - Somewhat tortuous logic there.

    The trial judge, Mr Justice Henriques, said a "corporate failing" was to blame for the tragedy - leading senior MPs to say that as head of the Met Sir Ian should take overall responsibility and step down.

    It was Sir Ian's personal decision to contest the case, which has cost the taxpayer £3.5 million, despite "overwhelming" evidence of a series of blunders by his force.

    Sir Ian Bliar is a political appointee and is being protected by the political system. The murder of an innocent man should have been grounds enough for him to have been given a quick heave-ho but the way that he has handled himself since the incident and the way in which he attempted to block the incident investigation should have resulted in him being sacked.

  9. My grave concern over this is that they were convinced the poor chap was a suicide murderer so why was he allowed to even make it to the tube station hard less board a train.

    Blair takes the bountiful salary and pension and as the top man he should accept the responsibility for everything that takes place within his force, his arrogance astounds me, as does the backing he appears to be receiving from HMG.
  10. Like all disgraced officers he should fall on his sword sooner rather than latter so as not to drag down the majority of upstanding police officers.
  11. Red Ken has given Sir Ian his unqualified support on this matter, so it's logical that they should both resign immediately - Blair and Livingstone that is. The operational cock-up belonged to Cressida Dick and she should have been fired as soon as the facts were known.
  12. Killed a totally innocent man.

    Lied about it.

    Did not discipline officers who falsified log-book evidence.

    Illegally prevented the IPCC from investigating.

    Illegally prevented IPCC access to the crime scene.

    Dragged the entire mess through the courts to salve his own ego.

    Still will not admit that he has done anything wrong.



    Soon after this conversation the Commissioner wrote to Sir John Gieve, the
    Permanent Secretary at the Home Office. The letter confirmed the Commissioner
    had given instructions that the incident should not be referred to the IPCC and
    that they were not to be given access to the scene at that time. (Under the
    Police Reform Act 2002 all police shootings are bound to be referred to the IPCC
    for its decision on the mode of investigation)
    The incident was subsequently
    referred to the IPCC on the following Monday, 25 July 2005.


    Examination of the two documents shows that DAC Paddick made detailed
    notes of his 22 August meeting with the Commissioner. Those notes, and the
    notes he agreed with D.Ch/Supt. Beggs, appear wholly consistent with the
    evidence that he has now given.

    On the 22 August 2005, DAC Paddick rang Mr Clark at the IPCC. Mr Clark
    states that DAC Paddick told him that he and a Commander were having
    difficulties with statements made by the Commissioner (News of the World)
    as apparently the Commissioner was stating that neither he nor those
    advising him knew of the reality of the incident until 23 July 2005. DAC
    Paddick said that he and another person were aware that the Commissioner’s
    Chief of Staff and Staff Officer were aware of the fact that the deceased was
    not a terrorist on the afternoon of the day of the shooting
    . DAC Paddick told
    Mr Clark that he thought it inconceivable that the Commissioner would not
    have had this information as it would have been a prime responsibility for
    two senior members of the Commissioner’s staff to inform him of such a
    significant matter.

    My bolding

  13. Blair not resigning when everyone wants him to go......mmm where have I heard that before (with so far the same result)...
  14. I have an understanding of where you are coming from, the heir to the finknottle fortune is a Stripey with 45 he was born in Taunton and he has the good fortune to be born of Scots parents but he will insist on calling himself English. ^~
  15. Somebody somewhere has to pay, at very least to provide some small kind of closure to the dead mans family.
    If I had a son who had been slaughtered in this fashion my rage would be all consuming.
  16. HE is the HEAD man if it all goes wrong he is there to take the hit that is why he is paid an inordinate amount of money.

    Why the **** can people in positiions of trust and power NOT take the HIT when the blame is at THEIR DOOR.

    Blair, is the head the head should roll.. He fecked up he should have had HIS finger on the pulse.

    BLAIR MUST GO... no if's and's or BUT's
  17. I'm still shocked that the Officer who pulled the trigger at point blank range, missed one round!

    Even if there were orders to shoot to kill, why the bloody hell did it take 7 point blank shots to the head to assume he was dead?

    Besides Blair should have resigned long ago, and should politicians be making these appointments?
  18. Potential_Officer, that remains a mystery to me also. We weren't there, though, and didn't have the belief that we could be taking our last mortal breath. Why more than 3? don't know. How did 1 miss? Maybe he didn't allow for gravity moving the target and maybe the moving target flicked the muzzle round. We don't know and how can we?

    Just a thought; If Blair is out of a job, it's another goal for the terrs isn't it? A secondary result from a failed objective. Let's follow Cdr (police) Dick's career with interest.
  19. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    While obstructing the IPCC does not gain many marks, it is ludicrous that the misadventures of an illegal immigrant should mess the Met about.
  20. FFS - Does anyone ever check the facts??? - 7 rounds in his head. 1 round in his shoulder. 3 rounds missed completely.

    Now it turns out that the Metropolitan Police under Blairs leadership issued 3000 American Express cards to senior officers and now widespread fraudulent use of these cards is suspected and up to 6000,000 GBP are unaccounted for:-

    Sources indicated that at least £2m was still unaccounted for - although reports claimed the figure could be as high as £6m.

    Two detectives have already been arrested on suspicion of theft in connection with the probe, and the force's professional standards directorate is checking the expense records of hundreds more. There are claims that cash has been lavished on luxury watches, flatscreen TVs and holidays.

    With great power comes great responsibility and it is obvious from the content written by some apologists for Blair on this thread that this notion is alien in today's England.


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