Met Chief Resigns


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finknottle said:
Well it has taken a while but we got there eventually and IMO we are well rid of him.

Just remember that he was put in his position by your beloved labour leadership. :pukel:


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It's the crap where burglars get a caution and householders who catch them end up in cells.
Copper gave me a tip,if you catch a burglar with any weapon make sure you scratch your face/arm/leg whatever, then you cannot be charged or held as it's self defence with reasonable force.
Sound good to me.
Sir Norman Bettison, Chief Constable of West Midlands was put up as a favorite to replace Blair. It has been reported in the Telegraph that he has rejected this idea but he is a quoted from that report. I have highlighted the word that shows which way we are going.

"The determination to make the police service more accountable to elected representatives. What that means is bringing the police service under greater political control."

If one of our most highly thought of Police Officers now sees it as a Service what hope is there for Plod on the Street?