Infamy's on the loose again seducing matelots into lamp-swinging and black-catting their way into the arms of young lasses and lads. This shadowy messdeck is not for you my hearties. No this is for the others!

The sensitive nose and penetrating gaze of the ever present Rum Rat has been sniffing out walts from unexpected corners of our virtual pussers war canoe. Stand fast cybercrushers, 'ere comes the Cyber-Joss 'imself! Eek!

Nervous giggles are coming from unexpected crevices and rude noises from the usual orifices. The cybercrushers are grimacing plesantly and tapping their cybertrunctions against their legs.

RR has been infested with two species of Waltamittyus vulgaris (the Common Walt to you and me): the self-confessed (confessional) and the hunted and exposed (snared) varrieties. Other species may be discovered.

So let us begin.... EEK!

Well, it's quite difficult fitting my fat arse into the confessional but as a good many rum rats and Old Salts of Yore (a village near Tolpuddle) know, the author of this thread was the first confessional walt in the guize of NozzyNozzer and his even more dubious mate, Seacat. I pretended to be a lapsed TROG for research purposes (I was too embarassed to ask the specific questions directly) investigating what I thought were clear examples of institutionalised sexual child abuse in the RN which I intended to expose in my MRes in Law thesis. It turned out there was a simple explanation I had never remotely considered. :oops:

I half-confessed, fudging the issue, to not being who I claimed to be in the story ? and had myself fired unceremonially out of the torpedo tube of the fictional boat, the Ag, intending never again to darken RR. However a thread started called Nozzer which resulted in me making a full confession and expecting to be damned forever. Unexpectedly I got a mixed reaction much of which was suprisingly forgiving and generous, though UA made some unpleasant assertions at the time. Anyway I asked to have the O2 Thief status conferred on me and rejoined as AAC, being totally open about my lifelong civvy scum status.

:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

So now real sailors, I shall move on and hand you over to the next person to report recently snared walts on RR.

General Walt natter is on this thread, incidentally...


War Hero
Well the tally so far is

Walts Outed by Direct Action:2,Sam the man,Sgtforce

Walts Outed by own volition/Concscience:1(we all know who lol)
andym said:
Well the tally so far is

Walts Outed by Direct Action:2,Sam the man,Sgtforce

Walts Outed by own volition/Concscience:1(we all know who lol)

It should be pointed out that Sam the Man was not a RR bod but pissed us off by claiming (to his wee lass, who is a member) to be RN on a mysterious pussers war canoe engaged in a top secret mission off the coast of Iran. He just kept popping up...

Sgtforce claimed to be a pongo who was going, we understood, to become a Royal. He asked if any of us had been to war (like he claimed he had)... well... no... none of us had as it happens, if you exclude watching John Wayne films and The Cruel Sea (damn!), sitting on exercise down chilly concrete bunkers or tending the wounded in Haslar in 1992...

Then there is our next walt, the alleged Jewishscotsman, who claimed to be an ex-US Marine suffering from PTSD and was talking about topping himself. Several of us PM'd him offering help. He wasn't interested. Later we heard that he had been buried in Perth from a guy claiming to be a old oppo. It all turns out that this was all untrue, due to the scepticism of Lingy and advice from BY our resident ex-US Marine.

The Tally so far is therefore:-

Confessional Walts = 1
Snared (outed) Walts = 3
Total = 4

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