Mess undress post leaving the RN

For me.

Past behind me. New life - live that.

Posterity should be left to the bollards and light swinging sessions!


Lantern Swinger
Someone may say; "steward, my soup is cold".
Lol. They would the find a ladle shoved up their ass.
Frenchie, to be honest just sticking with a tuxedo. Will let the old man of the sea hold up the RN standard.
All the same will be sporting my massive group of two medals (miniature) as the Septics get all sentimental and lash you up all night.
Never one to miss out on free wets.
Why the hell would you want to, beyond me. Your now a civi, get used to it and behave like one. That doesn't mean you have to grow up and stop being "matelot type".
So what do you mean, you just go about eating dinners?
You should move to Tamworth mate.
Worth considering......... is Tamworth the epicenter for dinner re-enactments?

Has anyone any mess undress, mess dress etc that they would care to donate? As due to our dedication to realism, our membership are rapidly growing!......... None of my posts on this thread contain any sarcasm/untruth what so ever. :eh:
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