Mess square pits.

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by pugfrom83, Oct 8, 2010.

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  1. Andromeda 86. Sprog Pug is allocated, not only a mess square pit, but the bottom one. So no getting head down till pit not required as a seat. Also Leading Cook Dave P had a habbit of swamping whilst sat on my pit. Always paid for the bedding to be dhobied though.

    Just wondered which was the last ship to have mess square pits ?

    One for the statto's
  2. A square pit 8O
  3. Slightly O/T

    I would think young matelots joining the new T45s would be horrified at the thought of a mess square pit.
    MSPs were the reason why I got a carrier and three T22s as sea drafts. I like my sleep too much.... if that's possible.
  4. Take it your are/were a WEM then
  5. 2 Deck messes on Illustrious had mess square pits, not used as were for 'embarked forces'.
  6. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'd imagine, considering the previous answers, that the Fearless may well have been the last ship to have mess square pits. I was unlucky enough to have one on the Intrepid, not good-not good at all.
  7. HMS Southampton 1986, joined as a Killick stoker and got a mess square pit......,moved to a gulch after about 6 months, then moved back to the MS as the gulch was far too quiet...... :oops:
  8. After two sea drafts as a Golly I did recat to WE. So very astute of you :thumbup:
  9. I joined the Fwd Dabber's Mess on the Argonaut. I was up against it straight away as I was a baby gunner down a messdeck full of RP's & Gollies. I think I lived behind the mess ladder for the first fortnight!! No carpets either, all the juniors scrubbing out everyday. Had a messdeck pit for a while on the Glasgow, but most pits were mess square in 2QS.
  10. You should have turfed some sprog out of his spunk chariot that was not in the mess square. Leading Hand in the mess square, never heard the likes. 8O
  11. It was even worse if your hammock just happened to be over the mess table !!!!!!!!!
  12. Aye with the risk of those candles setting your arse on fire. 8O
  13. Until last year (2009) the fleet flagship had numerous mess square pits. They were fitted a few years back in the required event of an uplift when we carried 'embarked forces'. These took up massive amounts of valuable mess square space and were never even allocated lockers. For example in 6T3 mess, the three mess square pits reduced the amount of seating available to 6 (in a 21 man (woman) mess). Hence, I had the fooking lot (all 67 of them) removed during the last major maintenance period. 2L2 mess had nine FFS!!!
  14. :laughing3: :laughing3: :laughing3: :laughing3: :laughing3:
  15. Rummers, I think you and I, and possibly a few more on here, are from a different time zone..... they'll be telling us next they have dining rooms !
  16. Stirling and 2BM thought I was from a different planet 8O :cry: :cry:
    Lets be honest when we joined up you was lucky if you had carpet in your friggin house. :D :D
  17. You lived in a house ? 'kinell 8O
  18. Yes most times didn't you? A Public House. :D
  19. I'm just about ready to go into my Monty Python hard done to Yorkshiremen sketch mode. ... ee by gum, that rat were tasty !
  20. Er careful what you tell them here Flags, its a public domain. :oops: :roll:

    The Rat :wink:

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