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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Guzzler, Dec 7, 2011.

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  1. Pinched from next door.

    Opting out of The Mess

    Must admit that I'm surprised how many Perce consider Seniors' Messes an archaiac bore, but other than on a ship I fully agree.

    Mind you I made this clear twenty-odd years before it was fashionable to do so, which no doubt enhanced my meteoric stagnation.

    Not to mention lesser pension than some.
  2. So you want to opt out of the mess? Then stay a Killick!!!!! or Corporal... simples
  3. I didn't say that - it's the title of the thread.

    Reading something prior to comment may enhance your communication skills.
  4. Having served in a Tri Service mess I can fully appreciate the Pongos attitude, doesn't matter if you attend functions or not, everyone pays no matter how crap, also loads of three line whips. Don't get me started on asking the most senior drunkard present for permission to either have a wet or leave.
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  5. During a Chatham BMP in '70 our newly-rated ERA1 Donk Shop Horse was accommodated at the Royal School of Military Engineering WOs & Sergeant's Mess. To his surprise & delight he calmly accepted this curious mantle of unexpected responsibilty and exercised his traditional right for the bar to remain open until well beyond 0200 - Daily.

    Before many days had passed Khaki pips communicated with Navy Blue stripes & curls and this newly-made 'senior mess member' was required to seek alternative accommodation - On L & RA.

    Our Dobbin could now afford to pay his v. large Mess Bill and everyone was happy with this wise compromise!
  6. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think the motor car has alot to do with the decline of the 'mess'. It's easy for someone to jump in the car and bugger off weekenders. I suspect years ago a lot less actually travelled and spent more time in the mess.
  7. I seem to remember when Haslar lost its RNH prefix and became Royal ... eg Perce tipped up! The SR's mess became the WO & Senior Ranks mess and was run a Army WO who seemed to think it was the right thing to do to put a pace stick on the bar to close it ... and I seem to remember the WO Joss telling him where he could stick it ... and very nearly helped him!
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  8. To be quite honest. RN messes are dogshit. Most people have better things to do than drink shite lager and listen to 40 something fat divorcees cry at the bar. The only decent mess I've been to since becoming a Senior Rate is RAF Shawbury and that was only because courses filed through there all the time so it never got stale. I happily pay my fees because if we didn't, they wouldn't be there and we should have a social "hub". Other than Yeovilton though I rarely use them because they are poo.
  9. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    An interesting thread - I think a lot of the decline is due to people doing a lot more living ashore, and if a singlie then most likely having a reasonable disposable income to run a decent pad. Why live in a shite 1960s tower block when you can live in a decent flat for not much more?
    I've heard a lot of comments from SNCOs who've seen the JR accommodation in Pompey, and openly wondering why they bothered to get to the SR mess, when they step back in time from a living perspective. Interestingly though, I've also heard on the grapevine that they are so concerned with the lack of team spirit emerging with the super gucci travellodge rooms now, that they are looking into doubling up, so you share with people and actually talk to someone after 1600...
  10. Had all this shite while in the mees at JSSU(Cyprus), three-line whips all over the place, the RSM was Pres by appointment, we used to take great delight in putting out caps on his table! It all came to a head when the Pongo's asked the matelots to remove their medals in the mess after a Remembrance Sunday service!

    And to top it all, my next draft is with 14 Sigs, so I've got 9 months in another Pongo mess while under training before deploying!
  11. Good quote Twigs during my tenure in Drake as BWO the Single Living Accomodation for JRs was introduced IMHO it was a disaster, coupled with the squad system of manning many young individuals drafted to Devonport whilst their parent ships were deployed, just a Temporary Divisional Officer (at one stage I had 120+) no-one they they knew in a completly alien environment outside of a training establishment, were quite frankly no-one gave a flying fcuk about them least of all the ship deployed. Self harm discipline, and suitable shoreside employment problems were rife often a combination of all. Long story but the pusser got it wrong, and wev'e lost a generation of jack and jenny.
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  12. Ok mate, dont flash!!! My comment wasn't aimed at you, if it was then I'd have quoted you in it.

    Just throwing out a remark with my thoughts on the thread you brought to our attention.
  13. It was hardly a flash. If it had been I may have employed excessive use of the exclamation mark, though that is unlikely due to its grammatical innaccuracy and general tackiness.

    It was your use of the pronoun 'you' that made me think I was being addressed directly.

    Edit: Woops! Pot meet kettle :oops:
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2011
  14. I think that as a JR about to go into the SRs mess, i get the impression its going to be full of guys in their last two years, drinking ale, talking about O boats. The same people, always shiters, single, nothing better to do etc.

    I went for a walkaround to the SRs mess in Raleigh about a year ago whilst on a course. The WO in there was mess pres and a nice guy, the first thing he said was "I bet your view of the SRs mess is that its full of silly rules, and managed by fuddy-duddys. Well its not."

    Then he proceeded to tell me how in a mess do i cant go for a piss unless he has first, and i get fined a bottle of port for lifting a bottle off a table or being too drunk/too sober. Those days are gone. Long gone. I dont want to be sat in a snooker hall environment reading papers all day, and i think that you should be allowed to opt out of you want to. I appreciate its not as bad as the Army, but in this day and age why should people pay for something they have no intention to use?

    I personally would prefer to sit alone in a cabin playing COD4 online, than sit in a four man cabin like Benbow with three other ballbags I dont like smelling their stinky cheesy feet. Times have changed.
  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Amazing, your not even a member yet, but feel the need to slate it after a quick conversation with a mess pres.

    Your dripping skills will fit in just fine!
  16. Im not a dripper, thats what this place is for. I just wont use it, my reply was mainly aimed at the people in the thread who couldnt get the gist of why people wouldnt want to join a mess. First impressions count, and my first impressions of it was that its so 1985.

    Do you honestly think that in this day and age, at a social gathering, there should be a rule of when you can have a piss?
  17. I would think you'll get quite a bit of grief for your posts on this topic, but as an oldie have to generally agree with you, particularly the above.
  18. Its always something thats going to stir up debate, i agree, but the above is just one example of many. Im sure the place has its benefits, of which im keen to find out what they are, considering money is paid to the place every month.
  19. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yes, gain some experience of mess life and dinners and form an educated opinion. Instead of 'I heard/read'.
  20. As with everything though there are good and bad. I loved the messes on board ships - but then again we were pretty much a captive clientele. The old HMS ST VINCENT in Kensington was tremendous, partly due to being out of the way of the real Navy and partly due to the draft being an alcoholic's dream/nightmare and it had an almost anarchic feel to it. Greenwich College SR's was pretty good too. There's a funny little bar/mess in Pompey dockyard which I liked as well - can't remember whose it is though.

    Contrastingly I dislked most of the big ones, some with a passion. NELSON was crap, DRAKE not too bad I suppose but bloody RALEIGH takes the biscuit. Absolutley horrible place.

    In my opinion.

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