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does anybody have any recomendations as to where I might acquire a new set of No 2 uniform, without having to remortgage my home? Due to a combination of the good life and natural growth (i.e: no longer being a streak of ....), my current set are approaching 'spray on' status.

I'm yet to try the dead man's store, and I've thus far only looked into G&H and Gary Beverly. Does any body else have any other info on the likes of Baum, Bernards, Turner Virr et al?

Many thanks

Assuming you are in the Pompey area (can't tell from your post), if the second hand store at the Wardroom can't fit you out, then the tailors on Queen Street are usually a good bet - I've used both Bauns and Tailor Lee and found them both pretty good.

I would only really try G&H if I thought I may make Admiral one day.

And I'm pretty sure I won't.

If you're not in Pompey, then apologies - I don't know any Guz tailors.
I agree that the tailors in Queen St are good. Go ahead and buy a new set, nothing looks worse than too small mess kit...I should know!!
I got a replacement set from the "used" store in NELSON Wardroom for a reasonable price but you have to be lucky to get the right size. I got Tailor Lee to re-stripe.


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Seadog's previous tailor advice

I'm a Slops and Bauns man. Fenwicks is expensive but quality and great attention to detail. They even polish your gongs when they mount your latest to your ever growing spamlike collection.

Thieves and Hawkes is for Officers of independent means (more money than sense).
Fenwicks is the Guz tailor-Union Street right side heading towards the Dockyard.

If it's any guide, Baun (Queen Street Pompey) recently sold me an Officer's reefer and trousers for £245 (lace and ribbons extra. Quality finished article.) Recommended for anything you can't get in Slops.

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I can’t see matelots routinely using ARRSE boards (or an ARRSE RN board) to enquire after the mess fees in the Wardroom or WO/SRs Mess at HMS Whatever or the merit of one naval tailor over another
hammockhead said:
Anyone not shopping at Gieves who wants doeskin for your mess kit, check out Abimelech Hainsworth, military clothmakers since Waterloo, who sell naval doeskin at £32.25 a metre. Most tailors will allow you to bring your own cloth.
I had Doeskin for my mess dress [SR], bought it second hand but fitted like a glove , brilliant material , always felt fxxxxxxxxxg smart in it , well worth the investment ,
About 10 years ago I brought a second hand greatcoat from the Association of Royal Naval Officers (ARNO) for about £15!! They had a couple of cupboards at the back of the office full of old kit (including mess dress) that had been donated to raise cash for funds. It was very much pure luck if anything fitted you, but I was lucky! It was also the only bit of kit I have ever had to have shortened!

I don't know if they still do it but worth a go.


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I agree, the tin trousers in HMS NELSON is well worth a look if you want a doe skin uniform. Bauns are ok, however Garry Beverley who advertises on the net, is i think and ex thieves and sharks tailor. The standard of his caps and rank slides are superb. Try him before anyone else.
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