Mess kit and No 1s?


Hi all,

Having sadly dropped out of my deck cadetship in August, I was required to return my GSR and ID card, as one would expect.
Now, this has left me with a considerable amount of bits and bobs, some of which I am happy to hold onto for the memories (or whatever), but the majority is really just taking up space, in particular my mess kit and No 1s (including tropicals), both of which have only be worn once. I know these probably cost the MOD a bomb to tailor, and I really don't know what to do with them. I know its probably not permitted to sell them for personal gain, they're too nice to be chucked, and I highly doubt that if I returned them to a depot (of which there are none near me) that my petrol or the postage for these wool monstrosities would be paid.
Anyone got any ideas?
Feel free to rip into me for dropping out as well.


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Feel free to rip into me for dropping out as well.

Mate its your call, if it wasnt for you and you are sure of this, then why should you carry on? I know a guy who qualified, gave up the sea straight after and is now a train driver and happy, its not for everyone.

As for kit, not sure, it would be polite to offer to return it. If they say they dont want it then you can do as you wish.


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There was once an Alladin’s cave of officers’ second hand kit in the basement of HMS Nelson’s Wardroom.
It went by the name of ‘Tin Trousers’.
If it’s still there, pack up your kit and post it. When it sells, the money goes to Naval charities IIRC.

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