Mess dress worn with greatcoat

Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by BARNEYRNSM, Mar 16, 2016.

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  1. Being a wavy navy LT with the sea cadets, I have been invited to the Mayor of our towns civic dinner. We are to wear mess dress, miniature medals etc, is it acceptable to wear my greatcoat and cap with this to get there and back, its literally just round the corner from us , but right on the sea front and can be a bit chilly when out walking as getting a taxi in our town out of season is a nightmare! I have asked a mate of mine who is a serving LT to borrow his boat cloak, do I wear a cap with either or is that only when duty?
    Many thanks
    Now LT(SCC)RNR
  2. no head gear with mess kit; wear the boat cloak instead of the greatcoat.
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  3. Cheers for that.

    Should be a good do, however Mrs BarneyRNSM wants a new frock......
  4. So unlike Nelson Your 'zeal for King (Queen)and Country' won't keep You warm? :)
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  5. Wavy navy and a navy pensioner, don't do cold anymore!
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  6. I bet the crab cadets wont....just saying ;)
  7. And you are surprised? it is in their genetic make up, new frock = new hand bag = new shoes did you also mention you would need a coat, read that across as well, this invite is going to cost you an arm and a leg? Enjoy:(
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  8. @BARNEYRNSM a quick one if you will. Do you know if SCC SR/SNCOs entitled to mess dress grants like regular SRs? I cannot find reference to it anywhere and my (female) cousin who is a RMC Sgt is after a set.

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  9. Not sure will check, standby.....
  10. A quick look at SCR says mess dress is optional, no grant available I am afraid. However tell her to touch base with Lympstone sergeants mess and or slops, they will probably know if anyone is selling any, I know I sourced a set of Lovats for free from there a couple of years ago, second hand.
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  11. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I'd suggest that as long as you wear correct mess kit for the event itself and look appropriately dressed with right medals, no one will mind too much if you wear a coat too in order to get there - the sort of person that would grip you is likely to be closely related to Norman, and thus worthy of ignoring!
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  12. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Word. I personally, if traversing a long distance through town, would put headgear on. But then I'm so conditioned I feel naked without it anyhow. Regarding the greatcoat, it's not a split rig so why not - the headgear coat combo shows your commission and rank so at least you can't be shot for spying.

    Some years ago I leapt out of my car by the Fernham Hall in Fareham to pop my library books through the slot and was intercepted half way across the car park by a passing MAA SIB in plain clothes who took time out from his busy schedule to admonish me for my rectitude on in not wearing headgear to dash 50 yards there and back.

    Within the last 12 months I have suffered a similar lambasting whilst walking literally 15 yards across open terrain from the car into Fareham Asda. Can anyone guess where the lambaster was from? :)

    The point is, as PT points out - these people exist...
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  13. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Strangely the same types that feel keen to grip poor uniform displays didnt seem to grip the last CGS when he stood outside MB, beret on, waffling on his mobile phone...
  14. Being based in a town on the "north east coast" I hope there is not too many spotters around!!! Hopefully getting the boat cloak, but if it does not arrive, greatcoat and cap it is!

    Cheers for the help shipmates!
  15. It tickles me when I hear stories like the ones above. "I was only nipping to where ever", without wearing a cap, beret, jacket, jumper etc. Being pedantic, read dress regs and be apropriately dressed for the quick dash to Asda etc. Then you wouldn't have to suffer the ignominy of being picked up. Living close to Collingrad and also shopping in Asda, I see a lot of service personnel out of the rig of the day and yes it pisses me off. But then I am an "old n bold" of the Gunnery persuasion.
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  16. We have Leconfield just down the road from us and a few times, as a veteran, I have voiced my displeasure at regular service personnel walking around without their berets on and hands in pockets, even going to cadets in uniform I always wear my cap and never use my phone whilst "underway"(pinched that term from HMS Nelson main gate, not sure if its still there!!) or have my hands in my pockets, I just cant do it and have been out of the mob 8 years this year!

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