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Hello there RumRat knowledge bank!

I was after a bit of help please.

Does anyone out there know if it’s possible to tart up my PO’s Mess dress into a Chiefs?
I would assume it’s just a case of badges off and buttons on but I’m sure there will be some weird and wonderful ruling against doing this that I’ve not heard of.

I’m currently working with the Crabs and the nearest Naval base is Yeovil 3 hrs away.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Being a piso Jock, I did it myself! Just be careful with the Stanley knife (or Leatherman!) or scissors when taking off the PO's badges - buttons, easy peasy! :lol:


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Converted both my Nos 1's and party rig when I got my buttons. Unpicked the badges off my Nos 1's (had one of those chod little PO's badges on my mess undress aswell) and got the local tailor/sweat shop to put the buttons and badges on for next to nowt, quick dryclean and need to go and get another uniform dude.
Is that the mess dress I swapped with you for a pair of sorbothane insoles???

I'm gutted now, as I haven't a clue where they are, must have left them in the bottom of a pair of boots!


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If anyone is interested Ive got a mess undress for sale. It cost £300 from Brian the tailor and since 05 Ive worn it 4 times(like you do!). The waist is for a 36(but they make em bigger!) and the jacket is a 40 odd! Im in HMS Nelson and it has no buttons or badges on but is top quality! Gimme a shout and an offer and its yours! Im going outside soon. 8O
As an aside, when they first introduced this rig in the 70s, there were no badges PO available even though they had designed one, so I wore the tiepin on the lapels at the last mess do before I ended my time - looked the bees knees I thought (well, I have to be confident !),
Oddly enough, I still have it, though it looks like it could be a bit tight here and there if I attempted to try it on.. cough !!

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